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I Will Save You by Matt de la Pena
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Mar 07, 2012

it was amazing
Read from March 07 to April 26, 2012

Have you ever been afraid of someone, tried to fight them off but they continue to come back, only to find out that it is yourself that you are trying to get away from?

Kidd is a young teen with a difficult past. He had an abusive father who's actions caused his mother to commit suicide right in front of him. Kidd was sent to Horizons a mental illness home for depression and post traumatic stress. During his stay at Horizons Kidd meets a man named Mr.Red who essentially became a father figure for Kidd. Mr.Red offered Kidd a summer job at a beach in Cardiff and Kidd decided to leave Horizons and take the job offer. When Kidd starts his job in Cardiff he meets a beautiful young woman named Olivia. Olivia becomes everything and the only thing that Kidd wants. She is his definition of love and her love is the only thing he wants. However a boy named Devon makes Kidd's task of winning Olivia more difficult. Devon is a boy who lives off of the thrill of danger and the rush of death, he is a rebel and loves to get into trouble, to him the best way to live is to live on the edge. Kidd is warned by his counselors at Horizons to stay away from Devon because he always gets them both in trouble and puts him in danger. Devon is consistent and will do anything to get Kidd to follow his ways. One day Kidd finds Devon talking to Olivia on a cliff by the beach, Devon smirks at Kidd and that's all it took. Kidd had to save Olivia from Devon so he attacked him and took them both crashing into the rocks at the bottom of the cliff. Kidd wakes up and finds himself strapped up in confinement where he daydreams about Olivia and reflects on his past. This is when Kidd realizes who Devon really is and why it was so difficult to fight him off.

Kidd is a young man who had a difficult childhood. He was stuck with a crazy father and a mother who shot herself right in front of him. Kidd went years believing his mother did not love him because she shot herself. He was put in a center for his post traumatic stress and his depression. Kidd struggles making the right decisions, he has two sides one that wants him to do the right things and one that tells him to do the wrong things and that tells him his life is not worth living. He is a young man with a good heart he just needs help realizing it. He needs help fighting off his demands.

Matt de la Pena is a debut novelist. He is the author of "Mexican whiteboy" which is based off of his life as a Mexican American. Matt is from San Diego and studied at San Diego State University. He is a young author who writes for young audiences.

I absolutely loved this book. The creativity of the story line was both suspenseful and emotional. I enjoy books that allow for character analysis, and this book definitely forces an analysis of each character to grasp an understanding of what is going on. The book is really difficult to follow and it took me a while to understand the way that it is written but it was still a very good read because it made me think more than I normally would while reading. If you like books with mind blowing twist then this book you would definitely enjoy it, it really gives you a run for your money.

At one point in the book Devon takes Kidd to the beach with him to look for trouble. Devon goes up to a group of young teens and starts trouble with them. Kidd tries everything he can to stop Devon from fighting and arguing with these teens about the meaning of life and the fact that "poor" people are looked down upon, but no matter how hard he tries Devon continues with his rant. Eventually Devon pulls out a gun and points it at the teens, this is when Kidd starts to really get scared and starts yelling at Devon to put the gun down. Devon starts going crazy and then puts the gun to his own head he tells the teens to run so they left. Devon then starts laughing and Kidd looks at him confused. He points the gun at Kidd and pulls the trigger.. all that came out was water. Kidd is relieved but angry and Devon thinks its all just fun in games he gets a thrill out of all of it.

The theme of this book is understanding yourself and who you are. Kidd struggles with himself he is trapped in his own mind with demands that force him to believe in the wrong things and to do the wrong things. No matter how bad it gets its important that we never give up on fighting the worst in ourselves. Unfortunately Kidd fights but he doesn't fight hard enough and his other half gets the best of him, but sometimes that is what it takes. Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom to start fresh. Kidd hit rock bottom literally, and that's what it took for him to let go of his bad side.
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message 1: by Samakosky (new)

Samakosky Wow! Amazing review AP! I love your insight and use of all the skills we have studied - they are all visible within your analysis. Just terrific.

message 2: by Alex (new)

Alex Good review. In my opinion, the synopsis was a bit lengthy. I think there are things you can take out but still keep the big picture.

message 3: by Sarah (new)

Sarah You should write that there are spoilers.

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