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The Winter Princess by Stacey Jaine McIntosh
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Zooey is seventeen years old and pregnant after being brutally raped during a night partying. Since the rape she has been able to read minds, and the explanation to that comes almost five months later when her grandmother comes for a visit; Zooey is a faerie and the heir to the Winter Court. Now she must juggle two guys vying for her attention, her new found status as a princess, her scheming grandmother - and of course the small matter of being pregnant at seventeen.

I've been dreading writing this review, but I feel I have to justify my rating of only one star. A rating I actually feel pretty bad about giving.

This book was a mess, I'm sorry. I noticed numerous spelling- and grammar mistakes, there were missing commas, missing words, "I" instead of "a"; the list goes on. The perspective shifted between several different first person point of views with seemingly random intervals. It could change from Zooey to her main love interest Tristan's POV from one sentence to next with no explanation, or reason, at all - it made for a really confusing and awkward read. If you want to show your story from different perspectives use third person singular, or if you really want to use first person; at least use some kind of divider when switching between the perspectives. Switching in the middle of a conversation is not the best way to go about things.

Editing aside, the story in itself felt very rushed. All the events happened with not nearly enough detail to any of them. There are two major battles in the book - battles that start and finish within 500 words each. The story as a whole would have benefited tremendously with more descriptions of... Everything really! In the end I didn't feel like I knew what anything looked like except for maybe Zooey (we are told, repeatedly, she is 4'9 with waist-long, dark, curly hair) and Tristan.

Sadly, there were also events that baffled, and almost outraged, me. Not too long in the book Zooey's mother is physically abused by her husband and no one does a thing about it, even though they are all witnesses. Instead they jump in a car, drive away and tell Zooey to console her (and I quote): "'[...] Faeries cannot die,' he remarked. 'Annan will be fine.'" Annan being her mother they just left behind to be a human punching bag. Then it's not mentioned again. Really? Really? (And the faeries can't die part? We'll later discover that's a lie. And these faerie are supposed to being unable to lie. I'm confused.)

Don't even get me started on how they handle the rapist when he shows up in the story again...! You'd think people would be beyond pissed and haul his ass of to jail or beat the crap out of him, right? Nope, no such thing. To be fair, some did try to hit him (and rightly so! I'm not even a violent person, but even I have my limits...), but no one actually REALLY told him what he'd done was despicable and wrong - it was eerily accepted as something that had happened and that was that. Wow...

I don't want to spoil too much but there are also killings in the story - with no consequences at all. No bad conscience, no nightmares, no reprimands, nothing...

I do feel I have to mention the sex as well. Yes, there is sex and ironically, the sex is actually described in detail. A lot of details. My problem is not with Zooey having sex, not at all! I actually found that very refreshing, because (hold on to your seats!) teenagers today do have sex. They do and as long as they do it responsibly and not too early in their teenage years (in Sweden the legal age of consent is 15 if the partner too is between 15 and 18. Otherwise it's 18 for both parties.) I have no problems with it. I didn't have a problem with the multiple sex partners either (hell, I've had one-night-stands, who am I to judge?). BUT, and here's the deal, no one ever mentions anything about any kind of protection. Sure, she's already pregnant; BUT THAT'S NOT THE ONLY THING YOU SHOULD PROTECT YOURSELF FROM! I get it, birth control is unsexy, and mentioning it during/right before the act is not fun, but taking the possible consequences are even less fun I would imagine! It just... It bugged me a lot.

Zooey as a character didn't do much for me. She was either acting like a brat or a doormat, sometimes minutes within each other.

I have more to say, but I think this is long enough as it is. The story could have been better with a good editor, as it is right now... I'm sorry. It wasn't for me.
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Carole Weave-lane I have labelled it to read soon

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Sara I really hope you'll like it more than I did!

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