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Her Hesitant Dom by Isabella Kole
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From the beginning to the end, Ms. Isabella Kole knocked this one out of the park. OMG, between the amazing characters, their interaction, the people around them, to the change in the relationship from vanilla to D/s and all the new experiences, this was a page-turning tale. While this is the sixth story in the Dominant Men series, it can read well as a stand-alone, or as part of this series.

Days before Kayla and Zane were to be married; she will finally confess to him, that before they started dating, she was known as a club sub and involved in the BDSM scene at two different clubs. She came out of a bad situation, where the Dom she became involved with had lied to her, was married and had a child. After that, she stopped going to the clubs—and then she meets Zane. While he wasn’t happy with her secret, he refused to call off their marriage, and it was tabled to be discussed later. But now, six months into their marriage, he informs her that he has done plenty of research, reading, and has even trained out of town at a BDSM club. While she is impressed, she is unsure at the same time. Now, Kayla will see how well her Dom has learned the art of D/s.

“All of you—Cora, Audrey, and you—have dominant husbands now. Mine was the hesitant one, but I think he may turn out to be the most dominant of all.”

“You know that old saying ‘be careful what you wish for,’ well, that’s kind of where I am right now. On one hand, I love it. I have missed the lifestyle more than I cared to admit. But on the other hand, I also miss the old Zane.”

Zane took his lessons and training seriously and has proven to Kayla that he can be the dominant she needs. He will set rules and guidelines, including maintenance spankings since he is out of town so much. They will even explore one of the clubs she used to frequent.

“It was definitely a work in progress, she realized. They both had their own issues to work through.” “I can’t explain it, other than I was used to you as my vanilla boyfriend and then my vanilla husband. Now, you’ve become a trained, very dominant man. It’s sexy as hell, but it’s just taking some getting used to.”

“So, every Sunday night, before I leave for the week the next morning, I’m going to give you a maintenance spanking as a reminder to you. Sort of an insurance policy for me that you’ll take care of yourself while I’m way, right?”

The story includes friends and co-workers, and also learning another co-worker is also in a D/s marriage, someone that also goes to the same club. It will have friends able to talk, share, and be supportive of each other. It will have a husband who loves his wife enough to research the lifestyle and add it to their marriage. When Zane does something, he does it right, and he impresses Kayla with his skills and knowledge. Maybe she can have the best of both worlds.

“They had certainly come a long way. She knew that she was secure in their relationship now. She could accept both the vanilla side and the Dom side of her handsome husband. And he had loved her enough to become the perfect Dom for her. It had all fallen into place despite all her uncertainties.”

“It was rough; I’ll have to admit. But it’s all good now. We’re in a really good place. We have the best of both lifestyles.”

The chemistry between Zane and Kayla just sizzles off the pages, and you can’t help but be cheering them on and commending Zane for taking classes so that he can be the best Dom for Kayla. It is a great example of bringing two people together in a very intimate and committed lifestyle. The story does have sensual sex scenes that are not overly explicit. It does have some mild BDSM scenes and spanking. Best of all, it has the sweetest love story and a happy ending.

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