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Steven Universe All-in-One Edition by Jeremy Sorese
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What it is: A collection of most of the comic books that have been released in the Steven Universe franchise.

What it includes: The complete content of the original series of comics from 2014 to 2015, the bonus comics that were included in the two graphic novel compilations, the four-part Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems series, the first twelve issues of the Ongoing Series, and an abbreviated miniature cover gallery.

What it does not include: The content from any of the individual-issue specials (Greg Universe Special #1 (2015), 2016 Special #1 (Big Donut Special) (2016), and Fusion Frenzy #1 (2019); the Harmony comics; the original graphic novel content; most of the variant covers; any zine content.


The book is a chonker. It weighs more than 4 pounds by itself and is in a nice hardcover.

It has some very attractive packaging when it comes to the covers and the format, and the color is very nice.

The first section, containing the stories from 2014 to 2015, original comics 1 through 8, is referred to in this collection as “The Bits.” The stories and art are reproduced as in the original, but the color looks really glossy and brilliant.

Between Issue 4 and issue 5, Rebecca Sugar’s comic is inserted. This was bonus material that did not appear in an individual issue but did appear in the trade paperback compilation of the original comics (AKA Believe in Steven).

After Issues 5 through 8, two more bonus comics appear by Jeremy Sorese. As above, they did not appear in the original issues, but did appear in the trade paperback compilation of the original comics (AKA Keep Beach City Weird).

The second section in the book is Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems, which is the tale of the Glass Ghost.

The third section begins with issue 1 of the ongoing comics that began in 2017.

This All-in-One book contains issues 1 through 12 of the ongoing series. As of its release, the ongoing series was up to 29.

The abbreviated cover gallery begins right after the twelfth issue finishes. This gallery focuses heavily on main covers and excludes most variant covers. The first section of original comics, here now titled “The Bits,” shows off the eight main covers: #1 by Bridget Underwood, #2 by George Caltsoudas, #3 by Amber Rogers, #4 by Matt Cummings, #5 by Amber Rogers, #6 by Tait Howard, #7 by Amber Rogers, and #8 by Amber Rogers. (Note: Amber is now Amber Cragg.)

Next, the main covers by Kat Leyh for Steven Universe and the Crystal Gems are shown in a gallery, and next to it, Jeremy Sorese’s subscription covers are also laid out.

The following page features second and third print covers by Allison Stejlau and Josceline Fenton, and following that come the first four main covers of the ongoing series by Missy Peña. (Notably, Josceline’s subscription cover seems to be included in collections but I’ve never seen an actual copy on an individual issue, and the artist personally expressed doubts that it was ever used so I’m assuming they never sent a contributor’s copy.)

Finally, the last two pages include Missy Peña’s main covers for ongoing comics 5 through 12.

No variant covers, subscription covers, or convention-exclusive covers are included for the original series or ongoing series. It’s not a complete gallery.

Reasons why you should buy this compilation:

* You’re a completist when it comes to owning all forms of Steven Universe merch
* You did not buy these comics’ graphic novels or individual issues and want to read them
* You want a quality product with brilliant colors in an appealing hardcover
* You like having three different eras of SU comic stories in one book
* You have $50 to $75 you don’t need

Reasons why you should not buy this compilation:

* You really only care about the stories and you’ve read these already
* You don’t want a collection that has no new bonus material
* You only wanted it if it really was all the SU comics together and would be upset that it does not include any special issues or Harmony
* You don’t have anywhere to store a book that could be a doorstopper

I was hoping there would be some new content or other incentive to get this besides just to have every incarnation of SU comics out there, but sadly this is all recycled material except for the tables of contents and art/layout for the book itself.
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