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Flight by Rosie Dub is set in Sydney and Tasmania, Australia. The prologue is told from Fern's point of view, she remembers being an unborn baby and on the day she was born her mother, Joan, was told by a gardener who came back from the brink of death only to have gained the ability to see the future that Fern would be the death of her father. Her father Eric Hannson, on hearing this news proceded to hit Joan so hard that it caused the contractions leading to Fern being born early and on the street. Eric is a controlling, manipulative man and later tries to kill Fern in the hospital. Joan soon puts Fern up for adoption and she is given a home by Richard and Grace Parsons.

Fern Parsons is now twenty years old and has moved from her hometown of Adelaide to Sydney to attend a fashion design college but lately she's been plagued by the overwhelming feeling that some is not right. She's slowly sunk into a depressive state and no longer leaves her room in the house she shares with two other college students. Her housemates have called her mother who shows up at Fern's house. Fern panics and exits her room through her window and climbs across the roof and into the house next door. There she meets Cassie, a clairvoyant, who explains that she's been waiting for her and that she's about to embark on a journey. She gives her some herbs, potions and a lapis lazuli stone for protection. Next she meets Shamesh, a shaman and guide, he talks about The Underworld and explains that Fern is an ancient soul and was once very powerful. She's forgotten most of her previous lives but if she chooses to, she will be able to remember and become powerful once more. It turns out her enemy is her natural born father and he too is an ancient spirit and he's been trailing her because he fears the prophecy will come true.

Shamesh then introduces her to Adam, an ex-soldier who is now a troubled, guarded alcoholic. At first neither of them wants anything to do with each other but it's clear there is a strong connection between them from previous lifetimes and Adam chooses to accompany Fern on her journey to discover more about her birth parents and her power.

I was immediately curious once I started reading the prologue of Flight, it was amazing that Fern knew all of the actions that took place while she was still in her mother's uterus and I had to know what would happen to her. Jumping forward to the present day, it's clear Fern seems to have forgotten this insight she had into her birth. She's lonely, depressed, scared and doesn't know what she should be doing with her life. Luckily she meets Cassie, Shamesh and Adam, all willing to help guide her along her journey which takes her to Tasmania, her father's current residence.

I enjoyed the dynamic between Fern and Adam. At first Fern will not allow herself to trust Adam but eventually she lets down her guard and realises he is there to help her and she definitely needs his help as her journey progresses. Adam also benefits from Fern's love. He's troubled by his childhood and his time in the army but Fern helps him to open up and realise that he's missing out on being with his family and the wilderness of Tasmania which he's always loved.

Fern's father, Eric, is a major creep. He's powerful, manipulative and cruel and there's a scene between them later on that made my skin crawl. But Fern was brave to seek out the man who is trying to kill her and I was glad she had Adam by her side when they finally meet. Fern is young and makes mistakes but her mistakes allow her to grow and mature over the course of the book.

I found the pacing slow and steady which was good because there was a lot of information to take in about The Underworld and being a shaman or healer and we got to spend time with Adam's family too which was a nice side plot.

I enjoyed the setting of Sydney's Inner West, Tasmanian's wilderness and Bruny Island. I mentioned in my review of Thyla, that I'd never read another YA novel set in Tassie but now I have and it makes a nice change from all the books set in Sydney and Melbourne.

Flight is a novel that caught me in it's clutches from the first page and held me engaged for it's entirety. I would recommend it to fans of fantasy and realistic fiction.

My copy was sent to me from the fantastic people at Harper Collins Australia.
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Reynje Wow, this sounds really interesting.. I hadn't heard of it until now. Great review, Mandee!

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Shirley Marr This does sound interesting! Great Review!*

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Great review Mands, I will definitely be picking this up :)

Amanda Thanks, Trin :) I hope you enjoy it!

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