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Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth
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Mar 06, 2012

did not like it
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Yuck! I hated this book! Basically the first half of the book told me that I wasn't evil parent whose child would probably grow up to be stupid, uncoordinated, obese, and probably an ax murderer if I don't make sure they get what the author regards as "enough" sleep. It was also incredibly repetitive and poorly written.

The second half continued to emphasize the amount of sleep, but without giving any useful tips to parents as to how to get children to go to sleep or how to lengthen naps. That was totally impractical!

I thought the author had an interesting point of view in stating that "cry it out" leads to less crying overall because it works more quickly, but it's not the path that I want to follow with my child because I don't feel that it would be fair for either of us -- it's painful for him to cry, and it's painful for me to hear it, be able to stop it, and not do so.

Overall, this was one of the most judgmental books that I have read about parenting. I only read through the four-month section, and I will not be returning to it. Fortunately my son appears to be a good sleeper at this point, but if he or I need help with this issue, I will turn to other books which do not make me feel like a parenting failure before I even begin to get practical advice.

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