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Another Piece of My Heart by Jane Green
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Mar 05, 2012

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I'm not sure I've ever written a review where I said I hated a book up until the ending. That's never really happened before. I can say with all honesty that this is what happened when reading this one.

Andi finally feels like she's getting the perfect family. A husband with two daughters of his own. She's always wanted children and Ethan is perfect. However, 5 years into their marriage and she's having second thoughts. His oldest daughter Emily is terrible. She's mean and spiteful and trying to drive a wedge between them. His youngest daughter Sophia is the opposite of Emily but she's not quite enough and Andi's almost at her breaking point.

Andi is terrible. Always letting Ethan fight her battles. I can't believe how she treated him. I understand she didn't want to step in and handle things on her own but someone really needed to. Emily was forever getting her own way and causing friction. How Ethan couldn't see that and change things was beyond me. I felt for Andi at first and then I started despising her. I didn't like how she would always bicker with Ethan behind closed doors. I found Andi to be whiny and almost as childish as Emily at times.

Emily is a nightmare. A child that was never disciplined and led to believe that by crying she can get anything she wanted. She was hateful and mean and the worst person. What she did to her family was disgusting. Her entire family enabled her to act the way she did. Ethan being the worst offender.

What finally turned me around a bit was the last few chapters. Where everything really comes to a head. The speeches and explanations that come from both sides are thought out, heartfelt and meaningful. I was glad that both sides were getting everything out and I enjoyed that a lot.

There were so many different family dynamics going on in this one. I feel like a lot of families do go through similar problems and situations as this one but I want to believe that Stepmothers like Andi actually speak up and not tiptoe around their own homes. I want to believe that Emily as spiteful as she was can open her eyes and try to change.

Towards the last few pages we see some growth and I feel it was a long fought battle that took entirely too long to reach. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it ended up the way it did but it was just so full of drama and stress that it was so depressing to get through.

One thing feel the author needs to be commended for was switching POV's from Andi to Emily the switch was definitely something I felt. You could just tell you were reading a teens thoughts and emotions they were so completely different and childlike that it was like I was almost a teen again myself. Pretty amazing.

However, I wanted to love this one as much as I loved Jemima J but I just couldn't. I was frustrated throughout the entirety of this novel.
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Amanda Cowan I'm not sure I felt the exact same way but I totally get why you felt that way. I was also conflicted up until the end!

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