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Courting Kate by Tori Kron
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it was ok


It wasn't good.
I mean, it was okay. It was cute. It was awkward... like someone who has never had sex trying to explain what it feels like to have sex. There is no sex in this book, just to be clear. It felt a lot like the author wanted to write a sex scene into the book but got scared and just left a discreet erection.

There was also an over-abundance of description. When I say over-abundance, I mean, at the end of the story the author wrote "Her auburn, WAND CREATED waves rustled as her fingers combed through her long tresses." AND I'm just giving that as an example... but that kind of description was throughout the entire book. Why is it necessary? I don't need to know how her waves were created.

The story itself was entirely too short to make a believable, likable connection between the two main characters. You have this mistrusting, average girl hellbent on not liking this gargantuan basketball player on the principle of dudes being douches who leave. Then you have this gargantuan basketball player who gets in so much trouble that the only way to redeem himself is for his publicist (whom he has a thing for) to bribe her best friend to let him work at her non-profit organization. He describes her as plain and boring and then 4 pages later he gets a shiver from her awesomeness. It was just very inconsistent in so many ways. Then they both do a total 180, make-out, he lets her down, she forgives him and they all live happily ever after until Miller finds out his best friend is banging his sister (I mean, he hasn't found out yet... but just wait for it).

There was plenty to like about the story. I did like that it was based in Indianapolis but she wasn't super showy about it. I mean, it was a slightly under 200-page love story. So, like I said, it was cute and an easy read and it was fine for a debut novel.

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