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Goddess of the Hunt by Tessa Dare
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Mar 05, 2012

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Read in August, 2009

The storyline is familiar to anyone who reads romance or enjoys the occasional romantic movie, but the writing brought the book a level above what you'd expect. The voice is fresh and fun, at once lively and with an attention to detail.

I really enjoyed Lucy, with her grandiose ideas and utter lack of subtlety. Everyone around her (except for her brother, who makes for a loving but neglectful guardian, someone who just has no idea how to care for his younger sister) is completely aware of what she's up to. While she thinks her feelings for Toby are a secret, everyone, including Toby, knows exactly how she feels about him and even how long it's been going on. Likewise, they can all see when Jeremy's "distraction" starts to work. She's funny and feisty and perhaps a bit clueless but she's led a sheltered life, and she does mature as the story goes on.

I really enjoyed the friendships portrayed, too. The men teased each other, taunted and fought and honestly felt like they'd known each other for years. When Toby's almost-fiancé, Sophia, comes around, Lucy is determined to hate her, but the two of them wind up having giggly girl time. Granted, most of their discussions revolved around men and love, but considering the traditional place for young women in this time period, perhaps it's to be expected.

Most of the plot revolves around Jeremy thinking he can't possibly go after his best friend's little sister, and even if he could, he can't have her because he's not the one she wants. And Lucy, of course, is utterly determined to throw herself after Toby, although at this point it's more because that's what she always believed her future held than because he makes her tingly, since Jeremy is the one providing all the tingles.

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But considering we're talking about some minor frustration at the very end of a book I otherwise devoured, it's pretty safe to say I'm pretty eager to check out Dare's next book, which features Sophia as a heroine. Sweet.

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