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Legend by Marie Lu
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Mar 05, 2012

it was amazing
Read in March, 2012

This first novel dives into the dystopian craze that seems to have overtaken the popularity of vampires among teen readers. Lu does a great job of creating a complex and well-developed world in what used to be the United States. It is now torn apart in a civil war between the Colonies and the Republic, and the rebel Patriots are floating around in the background of the Republic to make things even more interesting.

It is in this world that readers are introduced to June, who has followed her older brother Metias into the Republic security forces. The difference between them is that she is only 15 and has already done so well in training (perfect scores all around) that she has been brought into the service early. Her first assignment ... to hunt down the mysterious Day, a mysterious revolutionary that strikes out at the state. No one seems to know who he is or how he is accomplishing the things he does.

The hunt becomes quite personal when Metias is killed when Day sneaks into a local hospital to get some medicine to fend off a Plague his baby brother has caught. Day is the obvious suspect, and June gets right down to business by heading into the slums of the poor to find him. In some ways, she is caught off guard by the things she finds and the people she meets as she slips further undercover in the hopes of bringing Day in.

The two narrators (June and Day) provide very differing perspectives on their world while also allowing the reader to really care about them. Lu has masterfully made the reader want to know more about how they, and the rest of the world has gotten into this predicament. It will come as no surprise that there is going to be a sequel, but readers will clamor for it. They will want to know more about June and Day and their friends and their enemies. And everyone seems to be swapping those final two titles.

I loved the beginning and end of this one. For a little while in the middle, I felt like I was falling into a situation where it seemed like so many other dystopian teen novels. That is not hard since there really is a glut of them at the moment. I am glad that I stuck it out because this really seems to be la creme de la creme. My one complaint is an annoying romantic subplot that seems a bit out of place considering the condition in which the characters find themselves and how little time tey really would seem to have under the situation.

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