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Queer Dimensions by James E.M. Rasmussen
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Mar 05, 2012

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Put together by the same people who gave us Queer Wolf, this is a collection of 17 LGBT science fiction stories. New theme, new stories, same team of awesome. How could I not give it a read?

One of my issues with Queer Dimensions comes at least partially from my own preconceptions, so take that as you will. The thing is, when the book has "queer" in the title and is promoted as a collection of short stories with LGBT themes, I kind of expect the LGBT aspect to be significant in each of the tales. It doesn't necessarily have to be romantic, but a few of the stories seemed to have tacked it on as an afterthought. "This is the story I want to tell... and oh yeah, the LGBT thing. Uhh, well, I'll just mention in passing one of my characters is gay." I mean, kudos for creating gay or lesbian characters for whom their sexuality is not considered a big deal, and I would be delighted to see the story anywhere else, but in an anthology like this one I kind of expect more of an emphasis on that sort of thing.

I did, however, really enjoy the variety in the stories, both in LGBT terms and sci-fi terms. We've got gay, lesbian, and even the rarely-written transexual; alien encounters, futuristic starship captains, and alternate universes. Like its predecessor, Queer Dimensions stretches out and covers the gamut, and the variety makes the collection stronger.

Something I say often while reading short stories is that I end up wishing there was more to it. This is one of the reasons I read novels far more often: short stories give me just enough to get interested and then they're over already and I wasn't finished. (Insert obligatory "bad sex" joke here after that last sentence.) So let's consider that having been said here, although for a couple of the stories instead of an "aww, but I was liking that world and those characters and now they're done" feeling, I felt like they cut off rather abruptly. They felt more like the first chapter of a novel, where everything is building and while you haven't exactly built up a cliffhanger, I am left unresolved. Unresolved stories make me dig in the pantry for chocolate, so I am going to blame this anthology for my upcoming weight gain. These were the exception rather than the rule, though, and while Queer Dimensions isn't as strong an offering as Queer Wolf, it's still worth a read. And even a re-read.
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