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A Far, Far Better Place by Anita Stansfield
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Mar 05, 2012

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Next book in the Dickens Inn series. Chas and Jackson are back. This time Jackson has a mental breakdown (doesn't that happen to ALL Anita Stansfield husbands in one form or another?) and has to deal with his post traumatic stress disorder. There was some good info on this disorder and some of the treatment options. Anita does good research on things like this for her books.

In the first book Jackson talks about his father being drunk and abusive, gets into more detail with that issue. In this book Jackson mentions something, in passing, about being a former alcoholic. I found this to be a bit annoying on a couple of fronts.

1 - It seems that someone with the total aversion to the choices made by his alcoholic father that Jackson has, as well as the determination he has to avoid being anything like his father that Jackson would have spent his life a avoiding alcohol rather than turning to it.

2 - A true alcoholic doesn't just stop being an alcoholic or even go into recovery just because they decided to dump one bottle of booze down the drain. It truly is a disease that requires intervention and usually long term treatment. Yes the addict has to decide to change (as Jackson did) but it is never just that simple. Only through a true desire to change and really turning their life over 100% to the Savior and his Atonement can an addict find true peace and recovery. He needed to be in at least six months of LDS 12 Step to overcome this if he really was an alcoholic.

I am an Anita Stansfield fan so I am not trying to pick this book apart, it is just that as a former employee at a drug and alcohol treatment center I would have liked to see this issue handled with more depth and accuracy.

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