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Web of the Romulans by M.S. Murdock
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Mar 04, 2012

really liked it
bookshelves: sci-fi, star-trek-novels, media-tie-in
Recommended for: Star Trek fans, fans of the Romulans, readers who want something that ties directly into the series
Read from February 25 to 28, 2012

** spoiler alert ** *4 stars*

*The Gush*
This took me awhile to write the review partially as I read this book over a trip, but also because I had to ruminate over this one a bit. I like anything that has to do with the Romulans, who I felt were not utilized enough in The Original Series. Therefore, this story automatically grabbed my attention. It also helped it was a pretty decent story.

Series characters: Kirk is handled well in this, as is Spock and McCoy. The strength of this book, however is not in the beloved tv characters but in the ones created for this book. I suppose the computer should go here, as 'she' appeared in one episode of the series. Her love affair with Kirk, culminating in the near destruction of the Enterprise, remains humorous-like the episode-at the beginning but it soon takes on a frightening edge. Watching Kirk get a bit of his own back and having to come up with ways to trick the computer into working despite the issues is most entertaining.
Book characters: Where to start. The Romulans are handled delightfully well. You see all kinds:noble ones like the retired general and the captain placed in an untenable position, not to mention his Centurion; the slimy and despicable leader and his kin; and all in between. They are fully realized characters that you sympathize with and hope they live and/or get their just deserts. The human "intelligence" officer is a most excellent villain, so blinded by his own point of view, delusions of grandeur, and shallowness. The constant monkey wrenches he throws in Kirk and others' way are at the same time entertaining and heartbreaking.

Plot: Ahh, the plot. This is a rather well put together series of events. The reason for the Romulans' war-mongering is not reveled, skillfully sidestepped in all our visits with the Empire until the end. We do however see a world, a people being devastated and using the only things they know to try to continue on. We look at the Enterprise crew handle not one but basically three different conflicts at once in their own inimitable way. And we get a good look at both the good and dark sides of Starfleet. All of this is neatly woven together with no drag time and nothing being lost along the way.

Writing: As mentioned above, the writing in this novel is quite good. The characters come alive on the page with dialogue moving the story along rather than bogging it down as can happen. The storyline is easy to follow and the pace is perfect. All in all, a well put together piece of writing.

*The Negative*
While a very good read and a well written story, the book doesn't really shine as some others have (Entropy Effect comes to mind). It is high on the scale, but in the end rather average. While Romulan fans will definitely remember this book, I don't think other readers would have this one come to mind at the drop of a hat. For fans of the tv characters, the outshining of them by the original characters could be an issue for some.

Summary: READ. A most excellent book in the Star Trek series and well worth the time.

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