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Twilight Set by Stephenie Meyer
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Mar 04, 2012

it was ok

** spoiler alert ** I read this series once in order to keep up with pop culture and stay aware of what my students were reading. I recently reread it when my 11-year old stepdaughter expressed interest in the books.

My review is somewhat ambivalent. On the one hand, I was reasonably engrossed with the series despite its obvious simplicity and Stephanie Meyer's apparent ignorance regarding the difference between who and whom. The books include vampires, werewolves, baseball, La Push (one of my favorite places on the planet), and enough erotic tension to get anyone in the mood. What's not to like?

On the other hand, the story itself could easily be read as a metaphor for conservative Mormon theology. Not only that, the idea of teenage girls accepting Bella and Edward as an acceptable relationship model is horrific. No, they do not practice unsafe sex. Instead, each person in this couple is so inflexibly "in love" with the other that they literally cannot exist without the other. Threats of self-immolation, self-hurt, and suicide abound in each other's absence. Edward is an overprotective, controlling, even physically harmful (because of his supernatural strength) partner at times (always remorseful, but never quite able to stop himself); Bella just keeps coming back for more (grimace). When they are apart, Bella LITERALLY falls down and can't get up. Meyers leaves blank pages for entire seasons in New Moon--periods of Edward's absence when Bella's depression is so rampant that her thoughts and actions are not worth recording. Bella is only able to be a person again with the help of another semi-paramour, Jacob. That's right, she needs the help of a good man to get her sad face off the ground.

Without blowing the ending for future readings, it's safe to say that all will be right in the world by the end of the series. Marriages will occur, babies will be born, and the happy domestic dream of a Mormon-inspired life will ensue--one in which the female is never able to achieve happiness or true self-realization on her own, but requires the assistance of a man in her life in order to fulfill it completely.

Sure, the series tantalizes the Daddy issues of millions of women, but here is the question with which I was faced: would you feel comfortable with your impressionable tween/teen daughter reading this particular paradigm of love and self-growth?

You can probably guess my answer. Two stars, Ms. Meyer. You get the second for holding my interest, but you should be mildly ashamed.
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Casey This is one of the best reviews I've ever read. Caustic, yet insightful. Bravo!

Frances Thanks!

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Jade That is a good review

Anna bravo!

Christine While agreeing with some of your points made, I still think this book was worth 4-5 stars

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