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Mar 04, 2012

it was ok
Read in March, 2012

Like most of the other reviewers, I'm dissatisfied with this third book, but can't come up with a concrete reason. I think the biggest reason is a lack of concrete character development for Tally's latest brain alteration. I felt she was just too inconsistent.

There are a slew of other minor reasons as well. Dr. Cable suddenly changes to an old woman. Tally is suddenly joined at the hip with David again. Zane's suddenly gone. Shay's suddenly all better and has mended her relationship with Tally on her own. There's also some weird correlation with brain lesions and leaving the environment alone. However, if a city decides to forego the brain lesions, they automatically start expanding their city and destroying the environment... and Tally's going to be there to stop them. I'm sorry, I seem to remember several hoverboards Tally left as trash somewhere in the wild. I doubt those things are biodegradable. And if saving the environment has been ingrained in these people their whole lives, then why would having normal brain function suddenly reverse the indoctrination? I'm pretty sure saving the environment would still be pretty important to them.

I was also expecting an explanation for why there are so many rusty skeletons in their cars. I understand there was a virus that destroyed fuel, which would cause cars to stop working. I just don't understand why rusties would remain in their unworking cars until they perish. Usually when a car dies, the driver extis the vehicle and looks for an alternate method of transportation, which occasionally includes walking. Tally points out several times that the rusties were so stupid that they stayed in their cars until they died. That just doesn't make sense, so I was waiting on an explanation that did.

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message 1: by Amy (new) - rated it 3 stars

Amy It was explained that when the virus (or whatever it was) in the oil met with oxygen it exploded. I'm assuming the rusties in the cars were unfortunately there when that exact thing happened. Not that they chose to sit in a car until they died.

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