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Sirens by Wig Nelson
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Mar 04, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: ebook, sci-fi

Sirens (people from the planet Siren) have been on Earth for several thousand years, their existence unknown - after all, they are from a sister planet and they look identical. They are not identical however - they are Sirens, and as such, can make people do whatever they want - and then make them forget why they did it. Their sole purpose on Earth is to protect Siren and so it is usual to find Sirens near every person involved in Government - advising, guiding etc - all in the name of protecting Siren.

When a shower of gamma radiation falls on Earth however, everything changes: Earth is no longer a threat to Siren, and they are essentially free to go home. The effects of the radiation however, while removing the threat to Siren, also changed the Sirens living on Earth: for the first time ever, they have emotional feelings....

I got very frustrated with the book: several chapters were simply repetitions of the previous - just using different characters and surroundings. I often skipped entire paragraphs because I had essentially read them before. Throughout the book, one had the impression that something groundbreaking was going to happen - and then it didn't. I mean, every event was just a complete anti-climax: even the great "return to Siren" event turned out to be a wet sock.

When I got to the end of the book, I wondered why I had persisted when chapter after chapter I was bored and frustrated - but then I realised that it seems like something awsome is going to happen. It just never does.

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