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Sensation Fantasies 1 by Kimberly Knight
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it was ok

MY RATING: 2.5 Stars
TITLE: Sensation Fantasies 1
AUTHOR: Kimberly Knight
RELEASE DATE: 15 July 2019

ARC Kindly Provided for an Honest Review

It may contain content that some may consider spoilers


“We got invited to a sex club.”

What the fuck did I just read? This is going to be one of those books where I’m the bitch on the outside while everybody loves it and I’ve like:

Now this is going to be more of a rant than my typical reviews and I usually don’t write a review for books I don’t like but description

It’s probably going to piss some people off but

So… good things first. It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten my hands on a really smutty smut book. I’m talking pantie soaking, toe curling kind of smut. Now if I was to rate this book on the smut alone, I’d give it a 5*. Home girl can write the shit out of sex scene.


But that’s it. That is LITERARY it. Anyway so I read the blurb of the book pre-kindle arrival and because forbidden shit is my jam, this is me:

Now I wake up and the book is finally on my kindle:

so I’ve got about 5 ARCs on my kindle when this arrives and I’m here making life and death type of decisions on which one needs to be read first based on my level of excitement about it. You know, as you do. So naturally I pick this one. So I begin to read. The first 11% I’m like:

LITERALLY AT 16% I’m like:

By the end of the book I was like:description

Kiera has been married for over a decade to the love of her life. She has everything she could want; a flourishing career as an attorney, a crazy hot firefighter husband and two beautiful children at home. She should be happy. But she’s finds that she’s been on the hamster-wheel of school runs, sports day, work and family days and she just wants off. Sex with her husband has been reduced to low moans, quick-get-your-nuts-so-we-can-sleep sessions. So she does what every good girl should and asks her friends for advice, but was not expecting the response she got back.

This part I’m all for it.
Now when she makes the suggestion to her husband I’m still on board with the idea, his response etc.

Then we get to Sensations. Vaughn…I mean I get it. Celebrity crush, he’s hot, were experimenting, were finding ways to spice up our marriage. I mean if I went to sex party and I saw Chris Brown ogling me, I know

anyway, I digress. Ward’s reaction?

Do ya’ll remember this?

“You want him to watch again?”
“Or more.”
“More as in you want him to touch you?”… “Fuck you?”
“Would that be okay?”...”Honestly it’s to make you happy and do whatever you want to do.”


Who does that? I don’t know about you guys but I was expecting some real drama. I expected some furniture to be moved when she made this suggestion. I get it some people are exhibitionists and these guys were experimenting trying to find their kink. But for Ward to respond to that shit like she’s asking him where to go for dinner?

In my head

I expected:

Instead I got:

Now get it men I curious creatures and I get why he wasn’t averse to trying the sex party scene. But he could have been a little bit outranged at his wife for wanting to sleep with another man just out the gate!!!
So anyway, you say

Well I’m glad you asked. That was not even the worst part. Then they get together with this Vaughn in his VIP private room.

Who’s sucking who’s dick? Is Ward gay now?

In summary:


But don’t let me deter you from reading this book. I didn’t realise it was a novella. Or was it not? Point is it was way too short and everything just packed together with very little detail, very little story, and a lot of sex. A few people it seems liked it. I just didn’t. I’m really pissed off actually because I was really looking forward to it. But

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