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The Demon Catchers of Milan by Kat Beyer
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Mar 04, 2012

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This book falls in the "meh" category, I'm afraid.

I was intrigued by the demon possession theme of the book, of course, since not a lot of YA does it. And also, the setting, Milan. So I was definitely excited to read this, but unfortunately it kind of disappointed me.

The first half of the book was probably my favorite part. At the beginning there's this chilling scene where Mia is completely possessed, throwing things, etc. And there was also an exorcism scene, and it all really reminded me of The Exorcist. So I immediately thought that, if the opening scene was that good, imagine how good the rest of the book would be?

Unfortunately that wasn't the case. The second half of the book was when my disappointment started to grow. Mia is moved to Milan to be kept safe by her cousins Emilio and Giuliano. I thought that Mia learned Italian way too fast, and it was kind of not very realistic. The book also turned very low-key on the demon possession parts. There were actually very few of those throughout the rest of the book. It was mostly just Mia settling into Milan and meeting the rest of her relatives. There was this one exorcism scene that I enjoyed, though.

Mia was decently likable, but there was this particular part of the book where she meets a gorgeous guy called Lucifero. But Giuliano─Emilio's grandfather─warns her that this guy is a Satanist, a devil worshipper. As if it wasn't obvious already just from his name, "Lucifero". I mean, come on, couldn't his name be a little less self-explanatory?

But anyways, she meets this guy, and he asks her out for coffee. She said yes. And that's when I just facepalmed. I thought that she would probably do so to investigate or snoop or whatever, but nope. She seemed way too swoony over him, and I guess was just blinded by his good looks. I started disliking her immediately after that, because she knew that he was a Satanist, she was warned. If she were completely oblivious then that would've been a little more understandable, but why would you willingly go with him when you were told not to? The date ended in disaster, by the way. Wow. Didn't see that coming.

On a more related topic, the romance in this book was pretty much nonexistent. There were parts where it seemed obvious that Emilio is the love interest, but the problem was that he's Mia's cousin, and he also has a girlfriend already (although that usually isn't a problem in YA cause he just ends up dumping her for the heroine anyway). Mia clearly was crushing on him, but . . . it was just so unpredictable. But I guess romance wasn't the main focus of this book. Although I thought at least there would be a little romance. Nope. The closest thing to a romance was that whole Lucifero thing, and that went to hell. (See what I did there?)

The final half of the book was pretty boring. After about 210 or so pages I kind of lost interest because the demon encounters became less interesting. And the ending was severely anti-climactic. I'm not sure if this will be a series, but I can definitely see that happening.

Overall, this was just a meh book for me. I guess I would recommend it if you're looking for a different take on demons in YA.

Thank you to NetGalley and EgmontUSA for sending me this galley.

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08/05/2012 page 160
56.0% "So this guy claims that his name is Lucifero, and Mia was warned that this guy is a Satanist, a devil worshipper, but Mia still says yes when he asks her out for coffee? That's an excellent idea!" 4 comments
08/06/2012 page 173
60.0% "Well what the hell did you EXPECT to happen from going on a date with a Satanist named LUCIFERO? Dammit, Mia. -_-"
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74.0% "This became very boring."
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