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Medicus by Ruth Downie
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Mar 03, 2012

it was ok

I love period books, and while I thought Medicus was a nice and readable book, it could've been set in any country in any era. I never got the feel that I was reading a book set in ancient Britain. While the character talks a lot about the Celts, they are mostly just boring tribespeople with funny mannerisms.

The hero himself is quite modern. He buys a slave out of sympathy, beggaring himself. He is concerned about the plight of prostitutes. He frets about whether his slave Tilla has someone to talk to about her montly periods and a womanly shoulder to cry on. In short, while I thought he was likeable by modern standards, he didn't feel that authentic.

The mystery itself didn't really enthuse me...The mysterious death of the unidentified woman, was unsuspenseful, because the villain was telegraphed early on. I never really understood why the villain killed the women either. It was very vague.

Part of the interest in historical dramas is reading about the time period and the lives of the people. Although there was a flavor of ancient times, it just felt watered down and a bit modern.
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