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Thoroughly Kissed by Kristine Grayson
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Kristine Greyson's Thoroughly Kissed charms readers with her fairy tale re-telling of the sleeping beauty story. Thoroughly Kissed is a feel-good romance read filled with magic, humor, and romance.

This is a re-vamped Sleeping Beauty tale, told in the modern day about what happens to Sleeping Beauty when she wakes up 1000 years after being spelled into sleep. Oh, and the kicker, a kiss put her into the spell (instead of freeing her with her handsome prince). So, sleeping beauty has to catch up 1000 years worth of history, she is terrified of kisses, and she just came into her mage magic and her only helper is a deliciously handsome professor.

I really liked reading Thoroughly Kissed. This book is a very sweet read, Emma (Sleeping Beauty) is just adjusting to life in the 21st century when she is thrown for another loop, she gets her magic. Her magic is out of control, causing wishes to come true and her cat to become a lion. She needs help getting to her mentor, and her only helper is the reluctant Michael. Michael is very stubborn and rude to Emma in the beginning of the book, however as he gets to know Emma, he softens towards her and begins to believe her remarkable story.

The romance in this story is very sweet, it is not an instant love, the relationship between Emma and Michael develops at a believable pace and is not based on sex. There is plenty of humor and fun throughout the story, Emma's magic creates some interesting and funny problems as she travels to her mentor. Both Emma and Michael have to grow a bit through the book, Michael has to accept that there is more to the world than he knew, and Emma has to come to terms with her past and let go of anger.

I highly recommend this book to any readers who loves fairy tales. This Sleeping Beauty re-telling is creative, cute, and fun to read. As Thoroughly Kissed is releasing in June, it is the perfect beach read and even though it is book 2 in a series, it can be read as a stand alone title. Also, the romance is very sweet and clean, it is not overly sensual and graphic. So, readers who like their romance on the sweet side, I say definitely pick up Thoroughly Kissed.

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