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Kingdom of Exiles by Maxym M. Martineau
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did not like it

This book has so many problematic elements, I don't even know where to start.

1) This is one of those fantasy worlds where there is the heroine a bunch of dudes. If that's your thing, go for it, I guess. At the end, there's another woman but it's minimal.

2) I guess a lot of people really liked Pokemon so much as kids they can't see how it's basically used as a slavery metaphor here. It's basically THE WORST THING EVER for a charmer to charm another human, so why is okay for charmers to do it to this class of "subhuman" beasts? Especially since many of them are like humans, it's not like they're all wild animals or magical creatures. It's like leprechauns and shit like that. SHE'S ENSLAVING BEASTS TO MAKE THEM WORK FOR HER, AND THEN SHE'S SLAVE TRADES THEM TO OTHER PEOPLE, AND THEY CAN NEVER FREE THEMSELVES.

3) The worst part of this book considering where we are in America right now is when Leena charms A BABY CREATURE, and is going to separate it from its mother, and if they mother wants to keep her baby, she has to agree to be charmed, too. WTF. It was awful and I am honestly appalled that everyone is like :oh this book is the greatest: when ignoring the way this whole charming business really works out.

4) if you're a romance reader, you'll be disappointed. It's boring.

5) I'm assuming Noc is short for Nocturnal, what with all the dramatic dark and light metaphors. So original.

6) Assassin's Creed is over.

7) This book was seriously a problem.
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Jenannisreading....Ihope Don't like the book that's fine but comparing them to humans with slavery seems wrong to me in a way and they have there own world and get to go to it whenever they want to and its not like they don't enjoy being who they are with. I'm just saying all your other points make since I get just wanted to put that out there so yeah have a nice day.

J.C.Kotsch Omg this is so very true. I had the same problems reading this book. It’s literally so problematic that it worries me that there is so many good reviews for it.

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