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Oppression by Jessica Therrien
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Mar 02, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: didn-t-finish

Downloaded the $.99 ebook - though I'm a bit wary of Greek God stories (especially after The Goddess Test), I thought I'd give it a try. Overall, it held my interest, but at 47% on the Kindle, I just can't go any further.

Elyse looks 18 but is really 89 thanks to some slow aging genes. She's been sheltered her whole life and thought she (and her late parents) were the only ones like her. And though her parents had to come from somewhere, they never told her anything about it before their deaths.

We meet Elyse as she moves into a new apartment in San Francisco. I did like our introduction to the love interest, William. I thought it really captured that whole passing by the place where the cute guy works and hoping he'll be there thing that I think most girls can identify with. After that, however, everything feels rushed and honestly, not thought out that well. For instance, Elyse got a dog when she was 9 that she 'took everywhere.' But when she was nine wouldn't her body have been that of a toddler? How does that work? Does a 16 year old who looks like a three year old like boys? Go through puberty? Is their emotional maturity stunted as well because all of the 80 year old teenage characters act like teenagers.

I didn't think the world building was all that believable. The "Ministry of Magic"-esque bureaucracy, the school for octogenarian Descendants (as they call themselves) - and why do they need 80 years of school?? - the prophecy and so much more just strained credulity. Maybe if the author had spent about twice as long building the world and letting Elyse explore it I wouldn't have been squinting my eyes in confusion so much. As it was I felt rushed from one scene to another, from one explanation to another that often just confused me more.

The biggest problem for me, however, was the antagonist. The Council is the main enemy of the Descendants, though technically they're in charge of them? And William's father started a war with them a few decades back, but afterwards they just let him go off and teach in their Institute? There were no repercussions for starting a war?? And if young William figured out that Elyse was the girl in the prophecy that would eventually defeat The Council, how come no one else figured this out?

This could all be totally explained later in the book but at 47% I think I should at least understand who the bad guys are. Characters spend a lot of time not telling Elyse things that she probably should know sooner rather than later. Could they give the girl a handbook or something?

Also, instalove. Like insta, insta love of the most instamatic kind. Overall, not my cup of tea.
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message 1: by Erica (new) - added it

Erica there are soooooooo many spelling mistakes and I agree, instalove to the maaaaaaaax

Lydia I agree! Their immaturity is driving me nuts! How are we supposed to believe that they are actually 80-90 years old when they act like children?

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