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The Hollows Insider by Kim Harrison
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Mar 02, 2012

it was amazing
bookshelves: fantasy, guilty-pleasures

Kim Harrison continues to delight and amaze me! I recently read Blood Work -- the graphic novel which tells the beginnings of Rachel and Ivy's relationship from Ivy's point of view. It was my first graphic novel and I really enjoyed it.

This weekend I read The Hollows Insider, which is not really a graphic novel, nor is it a traditional novel. I'm not sure how to explain it, but once again, I thoroughly enjoyed it! Written from the POV of an investigative journalist named Devin Crossman, the book is a collection of notes from his personal journal, his newspaper column, pilfered memos from Kalamack Industries, excerpts from various magic textbooks and journals, profiles from the Were Register, and song lyrics from Takeda. Crossman doesn't reveal how he acquires many of his source documents, but he does admit to bribing a pixy with honey to acquire confidential FIB documents headed for the shredder. All of these elements are pieced together like puzzle pieces as he tries to solve the mystery of who or what Rachel Morgan is and how is Trent Kalamack involved.

Harrison pulls all of The Hollows novels to date into this compilation. Fans will enjoy the humor tucked throughout this book. Some of my favorite tidbits include: In The Journal of Ley Line Studies (JOLLS), Dr. Anders mention of one pathetic witch using a fish as a familiar, whereas more competent witches use higher level mammals such as cats and dogs (poor Rachel). An interview with Rynn Cormel, discussing his best selling book The Vampire Dating Guide, reminds humans of do's and don'ts for turning on vampires (poor Rachel again - she just tried to be nice by doing Ivy's laundry with her own). Plus The magazine Witch Weekly provides a list of 10 Signs Your Roommate Is into the Black Arts. A few recipes from Betty Bob's Everyday Recipes for the Stovetop Idiot appear here too, including a recipe for brimstone cookies. This book is a fun excursion down both memory lane and a helpful guidebook to the different inhabitants of the Hollows.

Keep 'em coming, Ms. Harrison, and I'll keep reading!

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