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100 Days of Sunlight by Abbie Emmons
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... it took me so long to try and write this review ... my thoughts are such a mess. This beautiful novel has made in nearly impossible to put my thoughts into coherent words. Uplifting, inspiration, motivation ... Emmons' debut novel reminds me of those beautiful classics but with more relevant references and no prejudice or discrimination (sorry, classics ... but it's true). For my first NetGalley novel in about a year, Emmons has set the standards high.

This is a partial review, highlighting key points of my original; this is due to my original review being longer and more in-depth. For full review, please visit Bookmark Your Thoughts.

- The writing style of this novel is reason alone to read it --- it's absolutely lovely! Emmons balances the use of prose and poetry, making the reader FEEL the emotions of each character as though it's them in the situation. The different point of views are also carefully crafted, showing the difference in Tessa and Weston's characters.

- Blatantly and un-apologetically, Emmons displays the social stigmas towards those with disabilities while also educating readers. She illustrates how this discrimination is shown both with good intentions and in a negative light, emphasizing the need for society to educate themselves regarding how the world views those with disabilities. Through Weston and Tessa's character development and growth, Emmons highlights the most beautiful message: "There's nothing you can't do."

- In a well-balanced manner, Emmons portrays a number of diverse elements to this grand novel such as main characters with disabilities and different beliefs/ideologies. As someone who's unsure of her own belief system, I was nervous going into this novel. But Emmons not only discusses all these tastefully, but she doesn't try to SWAY readers to believe a certain way. They're simply elements to these characters, showing that people who have differentiating beliefs can still get along with one another.

- Though heart-wrenching and an emotional rollercoaster, 100 Days of Sunlight provides a positive message for all those struggling. Emmons manages to provide a balance of saying it's okay to be frustrated and sad, while still empowering readers to take control of their lives. Because at the end of the day, we are responsible for creating our own happiness.

- The tie to a life of a blogger was a wonderful treat, making this novel feel close to home. I've never read a novel with this element, but OH MY WAS IT FANTASTIC! The close connections Tessa has made reminds me of my own in the blogging community. And the support they show her during this difficult time reflects our community so much.

- The beginning of the novel is perfection, but I would've liked more background knowledge of Tessa's character. The one thing I would've enjoyed is a back-flash chapter (or half of a chapter) of 'a-day-in-the-life-of-Tessa'. in order to compare pre- and post- accident Tessa.

- I honestly don't know how I feel about the ending of the novel. On the one end, the simplicity is something to admire and it's rather beautiful. On the other hand, it felt rather abrupt and unfinished. I wasn't left fully satisfied, wanting a few more pages to close things off.

- Weston and Tessa are lovely ... but the insta-love? For a person who's anti insta-love, it's not too bad --- it did feel rather gradual ... but to be in-love in a couple of months? It just seemed too sudden. However, this is ONE person's opinion on the matter and I feel it's a more biased opinion than normal --- so please keep this in mind.


100 Days of Sunlight is a novel that I TRULY believe everyone should read --- it's powerful, uplifting and doesn't hold back. Following Tessa and Weston's journey to self-acceptance and happiness has been grand, illustrating how to take charge of one's fulfillment in life even when you feel the world's against you. Weston is also a WONDERFUL role-model for any age demographic --- he doesn't let fear control his life and he finds ways to love life no matter the circumstances. This novel is a true work of art. Emmons even remembers to pay attention to the times, showing the use of relevant technology to show how society as progressed for those with physical disabilities. For those who need an inspirational read, make sure to pick up your own copy!
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