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Wonder by R.J. Palacio
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Mar 02, 2012

it was amazing
Read from March 02 to 05, 2012

If you read just one book this year, make it this one. This book will have you crying and laughing all in the same breath. You will come away from the book, desperate to become a better person. A truly life changing book. If you go to buy one book, buy a few copies of Wonder, because I can guarantee you will be urging other people to read it too.

I am old enough to remember watching Mask and The Elephant Man, which were both based on similar true stories, so I had an inkling as to what I was letting myself in for when I began reading this book. I knew that the book would emotionally rock my world and it did. I think I actually put off reading it for awhile as I just knew I would be upset by it.

Not that I am upset by the way the Auggie looks, no not at all. I was more upset by the way society reacted to Auggie. He was just a kid, who loved to do all the things other children do. He hurts and feels just like everyone else, so to suffer such torment really did upset me. I loved Auggie completely and if I was his mother, I would be just as protective. He is the sweetest child I have ever come across in literature.

I think one of the things that really stood out for me in this book was the way the dog, Daisy, loved Auggie and licked his face in the same way he would anyone else. Animals don't see the differences in people, so why do we as humans make such a big deal about it. Auggie really is a wonder, he is a medical wonder, as his condition is such a rarity. His heart is so big, it is impossible not to fall in love with him.

I loved all the secondary characters in the book, especially as we got to view Auggie and his life through their eyes too. All of the secondary characters were very strongly written yet each had their own quirkiness that made them very real. Via was one of my favourites. She loved her brother completely, but sometimes she just wanted to be seen for herself and not as being the sister of Auggie. I could understand that as it must have at times been very difficult for her. She was very strong and supportive and was desperate to see her brother stand up for who he was. She didn't want to see him being treated like a baby all his life. He needed to be able to face people and deal with the way they looked at him.

Throughout Auggie's school year, you see how everyone learns to love Auggie for who he is and not for what he looks like anymore. He finally has friends and they love him just as they would anyone else. Truly heartwarming to read.

I cannot praise this book enough. It truly is a wonderful read and I will nag you all to read it. Although make sure you have lots of tissues available as I can guarantee you will cry. A book you want to hug!

The saying at the back of the book says it all - 'don't judge a boy by his face!
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Julia Hi! can you please help answering some of these questions? You seem to know a lot about this book.
1. What does the astrounat helmet signify to Auggie's dad?
2. What events do you think had the biggest effects on Auggie?
3. Why does the cover use the tagline "dont judge a boy by his face"?
4.Why does Via (Olivia) say that she is a celestial body that orbits Auggie the sun?
Below are some of the precepts that Auggie and his classmates sent back at the end of the year. For each, Explain who the character is, why he or she chose that precept, and how it relates to his or her life.
1. " Everyone deserves a standing ovation because we all overcometh the world" ~Auggie Pullman
2. " Its not enough to be friendly you have to be a friend". ~Charlotte Cody
3. " Sometimes its good to start over" ~ Julian Alban
4. "Your deeds are your monuments" ~ Mr. Browne
Thank you very very much for trying to answer these questions anyone thank you very much i really appreciate it!

Serendipity Reviews LOL. If you read it, you will know. I take it this is some kind of homework.

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