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Love Runes by Jay Lygon
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I give Love Runes five stars not just because this isn't sugar, glitter or chocolate-chip cookie kink, but a realistic (as realistic as having the Goddess of Traffic as your next-door neighbor can be) depiction of a full-time S&M relationship. It also gets five stars for showing a side of Los Angeles most authors totally ignore. Seal Beach rocks!

I love the multiracial/interracial aspects and there's no FAIL. Hector as the God of Love is Daddy Supreme and yet he's got issues which he's honest enough to deal with. There were times I wanted to smack him and other times I wanted my "Papi" (those scenes were SOOOO hot)! I just love when a Dominant of either gender is written as someone who doesn't always know all the answers. In spite of Sam being a somewhat annoying twink (the type who usually makes my back teeth ache), there's a lot more going on with him, which makes him wonderfully and refreshingly honest. I loved him and hated him in equal measure depending on what he was doing (or not doing). I am glad though that he's started growing up (in all senses of the concept).

Another five stars for the warm and wacky Dewey clan.

An excellent sequel to Chaos Magic. I'm going to miss Hector's Nanna. Wonder if she'll come and make pozole for me, LOL.
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