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Whirligig by Paul Fleischman
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Mar 02, 2012

bookshelves: 3rd-quarter
Read from March 02 to 22, 2012

I read this book for 3rd quarter. I didn’t like this book because I thought the only exciting part was the first chapter. I thought it was unrealistic. I didn’t think the reactions were realistic at all. Every other chapter was a new story, that connected to the main story by very little. I did not like this book. I felt that it was only about building a whirligig. By the end of the book, I felt like I could build a whirligig by the end of the book.

Brent was depressed about his life and his friends, so he was going to commit suicide by driving his car uncontrollably. He swerved off the road and accidentally killed an innocent girl. Brent survived and regretted ever thinking that he would try to end his life. The girl he killed was Lea; an 18 year old girl. He talked to Lea’s mother to try to see what he could do to repay her. Lea’s mother, Mrs. Zamora, told Brent that Lea always liked whirligig. Mrs. Zamora said to Brent that this was optional, but she would like him to go to the four corners of America and place whirligigs that relate to her life. Brent would never be able to repay Mrs. Zamora, his family or himself about what he has done, so he went through with the project. Brent traveled by himself and built the whirligigs. Brent met many people and had many interesting experiences on his journey. Throughout the book, there are random stories, that connect to Brent’s whirligigs in some way. There was a chapter per side story. Brent was still very mad at himself for killing Lea, but he felt better about it after he built the whirligigs.

I can connect this to life because I hear many stories about people being bullied or something like that and committing suicide, just like Brent. Commiting suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem. Brent could have handled his situation in a million different ways, but he chose the worst of them. He could have talked it out with people he trusts or almost anything else. No one should commit suicide; I think that there are too many other ways to prevent it, and there are so many other ways to help your situation.

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