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Where Have All the Leaders Gone? by Lee Iacocca
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Jul 30, 2008

did not like it

It has been my goal to read books from many different points of view, not necessarily of my own.
What I learned about this book is that Iacocca doesn't like George W. Bush. One of the most disappointing books that I have tried to read. I started reading this a few days ago. I thought maybe he was going to use the Bush criticism to start off his premise of how to define a great leader. I tried to remain open minded as this book was recommended by a friend. As I continued to read today I had to start speed reading and skipping around to get past the single minded and simple ideas. Unfortunately the whole book came off as a guy that wanted to show off who he knows while defining leadership through what in his mind is a bad example. The arguments made are very simplistic and easy to make. If I wanted to get this insight I would go to a anti-bush blog and throw in a few quotes about leadership. He gave no intelligent insight to the argument. He lacked the ability to use what made him successful as and example of what makes a leader. Who would have thought that the mastermind behind the success of the minivan would be so uninspiring. I don't necessarily disagree with some of his criticisms of Bush but really do we need a whole book on it? Especially a book that comes off as an old grandpa complaining again and again and again, then forgetting that he just complained about that issue 5 mins ago.(Disclaimer: I am less harsh on Bush as a president than probably 90% of Americans but that is a whole different topic). The only entertaining part of the book was his praises of John Edwards as a good character presidential candidate for 2008 and how he was inspirational in supporting his wife through her trials with cancer, (insert sarcasm here). Then he goes on to mention that the only downside to Edwards is his lack of experience in only having little experience in the Senate. So to end my review: read if you hate Bush, its like Chicken soup for the soul of bush haters. Otherwise, try a Book by Jack Welch...

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