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The Best Lies by Sarah Lyu
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did not like it

** spoiler alert ** This book was so disappointing. Maybe that's my fault, but I went in with high expectations based on the title alone. With that being said let's begin with the characters:

Remy: absolutely the most annoying protagonist (if you want to call her that) ever. She's extremely clingy and insecure. Some things are her fault but she always owns up to it when it's too late. Useless.

Elise: The worst antagonist on the planet. Obsessed with Remy out of nowhere? Makes no sense. Giving a ride to a complete stranger then being obsessed with them within 4 minutes made no sense. Also these dumb pranks she uses as an outlet were the worst part about her. Almost.

Jack (?) I literally just finished the book and forgot his name. Anyways, a sweetheart and an innocent bystander. You can tell his character was an afterthought although he had a bit of depth to him, the timing and placement were off for me.

SUMMARY: What is this? Fatal Attraction on Xanax and cigarettes? (Cigarettes are brought up every 5 pages, I'm not kidding it's terrible) How Remy and Elise met was after Cameron dumped Remy, which made sense because he's going off to college and she's still vastly immature and believes everything is meant to be in her deluded state of mind. Elise decides to help Remy feel better with pranking Cameron with fireworks because I guess that's funny. Anyway, the 2 soon become inseparable in the unhealthiest way. Remy suddenly pushes aside her oldest and closest friend for a girl she barely knows because they both have their own sad story. Eventually, Remy grows tired of Elise and her pranks and gravitates toward being a loner once she figures out that Elise is allowed to have friends other than her (Who's obsessed with who?) and she meets Jack. They grow close quick which is a pattern in this book, and fall in love. Elise hates this because she wants Remy to be hers and only hers. Shocker. Remy decides to do her own thing anyway and cuts off her phone one night while with Jack because Jack wants to feel like a priority because Elise always cries wolf. And of course, the one time she ditches her phone Elise actually needs her. Anyway, Elise shoots Jack an insanely amount of 6 times for no reason other than she's freaking nuts. All while during her interview Remy tried to protect her because she's an idiot too. Also, there are some family issues going on within Remy's household, a little fling with Christian (who is Remy's brother who we barely get to know from anyone's point of view other than what Remy believes to be true) and Elise which never got fully explained and was thrown in for a wow factor because Remy despises her brother for being everything she's not. Also, trigger warning: suicide attempt when Remy decides to flee from Elise's crazy antics at the last minute, also Elise's dad who we never hear from at all which was so irritating, is abusive towards Elise.

I DON'T GET THE POINT OF THIS BOOK IF THE ENTIRE TAGLINE IS A SPOILER. I SO BADLY WANTED A TWIST TO OCCUR BUT NOTHING EVER CAME. I figured it out within the first twenty minutes, a watered-down fatal attraction that reeks of mediocrity and cigarette smoke. This might be a little harsh but I'm telling it like it is. Terrible book, I actually want my money back.
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message 1: by Emily (new)

Emily Gosh this sounds exactly like suicide notes from beautiful girls, totally over hyped, unrealistic plot, and the romanticization of abusive and possessive friendships.

Brandi Emily wrote: "Gosh this sounds exactly like suicide notes from beautiful girls, totally over hyped, unrealistic plot, and the romanticization of abusive and possessive friendships."

I haven't read that but if it's anything like this I won't be picking it up. It was terrible I nearly wanted to return it.

Angela Herrera Brandi this is a pretty good description of how I felt about it, too.

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