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Night After Night by Kathryn Smith
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Mar 02, 2012

it was ok
bookshelves: vampire-romance
Read in March, 2012

** spoiler alert ** I was highly disappointed in this book. In the previous four books, all the vampires had fantastic battles. The all conquered their adversaries, who were members of the same fanatical organization. I enjoyed each book immensely and fell in love with each wonderful couple. I was very excited to read this one, and perhaps that was part of the problem.
The other four books, I whizzed through. I found them to all be very exciting and gripping and real page turners. This one...not so much.
I kept having to force myself to pick it up again. I really wanted to get to the end. I didn't have any major complaints about the main two characters, except perhaps that neither was very lovable.
She was kept in a cage as a "freak" on display for long enough that any semblance of a cage drove her to screaming fits of despair. Yet she was fine with it when other people/creatures were in cages? That just didn't jive. If anything, it should have made her more compassionate. I would think her mentor would have had more trouble with her along the way, instead, she just comes across as completely gullible and really idiotic. I understand loyalty to a fault, but this was just beyond ridiculous.

So the leader of the bad guy club nabs the girlfriend of the final vampire. All the vampires (plus 2 extra) gather at the camp, where they are expected. Keep in mind, that each vampire in the previous books, defeated a team of bad guys (10-100) and now they are all what do they do when they all get there????
They surrender!?!?!?!
Suddenly they are NOT fast enough to overpower this guy and take him down without getting the girl (did I mention that she's a super human type girl) killed? Not to mention, the girl has one attempt of an escape, one perfect, uninterrupted chance to kill this guy and what does she do? Does she KILL him and end it all? NO, there is too much blabber left, so instead, she simply kicks him in the balls and makes a run for it, even though, she knows there are guards outside. Suddenly, she turns into a mindless bimbo. I guess being taken prisoner by your mentor does that to you. But then again, she never really comes across as very smart. I really thought, knowing what she knows going into his lair, that she could have "acted" as if she were still on his side and pretended to be grateful to see him. It wouldn't have taken much. A simple hug and an easy lie should have given her ample escaping opportunity and would have left her unrestrained on the table at the end. I understand that ALL of this was simply so that the goddess could be resurrected, but I think the author could have let that happen in another way, had that really been the point of the ending. And that fact alone, left the ending more open then I would have liked. Now we have this goddess, out in the 21st century, looking for her last boyfriend. Is that going to be a book?
Overall, I really enjoyed her vamps, but this book was more of a let down than anything else. I still like the author, but now I've ended one of my favorite series and on a bad note. I'm honestly not sure I'll even pick it up if she does pursue the goddess thing in another book. Highly disappointing.

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