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Dating Mr. Right by Lauren Blakely
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it was amazing

Dating Mr. Right A Collection


Lucky Suit is a novella that I have been waiting for since Birthday Suit. Lauren teased us with Cameron and a mystery woman. This is that mystery woman! You do not need to read Birthday Suit first but I do recommend reading it and you definitely will want to afterwards.

Kristen is done being setup by everyone. She is done with the blind dates. She is going online to find Mr. Right. Of course her Grams thinks it’s a horrible idea. That no way to meet a guy. There is no meet-cute and she believes her granddaughter deserves a meet-cute but it’s not her life. So Kristen lets the web find her a man. And when the universe brings Lucky Suit into her life, it sure knew what the hell she was doing.

Cameron is in Miami for business. Chocolate business. The best kind. He isn’t there to date. He isn’t there to hook-up. But then the unexpected happened. Kristen. A witty, fun, and sexy woman who happens to also be nerdy. It’s on.

Aw! This one is adorable, fun, hot, and sweet. I loved it all. I am so happy that Cameron got his story. Kristen was new to us but we will see her again soon! Yay! I fell for them both.


“My grams thinks online dating will lead me to Jack the Ripper’s door.”
“Maybe it’ll lead to Jack Rip-off-your-clothes-and-bang-you-against-a-door.”

To my body, his kiss feels dirty and delicious all over, like it could lead to hotel rooms after dark, to wrists pinned, to up-against-the-wall escapades.

I feel a little swoony, a little shimmery, as flutters race across my body.


Once Upon a Red-Hot Kiss is a novella in the Heartbreakers series. It was an audible first and since then it has been sexed up. From what I have heard and after reading it, I totally believe it because damn. It. Was. Hot! If you read Once Upon a Sure Thing then you have met Macy and Kirby as Ally’s best friend and Ally’s brother. I was so excited to get their story!

Kirby is not a fan of Valentine’s Day. Macy is the biggest one. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t want his best friend. He has wanted her for a very long time. He is afraid to take the risk of losing her as a friend and what would his sister think? They all work together making YouTube videos for their brother/sister musical duo. But when she is determined to show him what Valentine’s Day means to her, can he resist?

It’s hot. It’s fun. It’s sweet. It’s everything. I just love these two. And if you didn’t read Once Upon a Sure Thing you will want to now.


“Someday you’ll tattoo a woman’s name in a heart under that whole badass tough guy exterior.”
“Ha. I sing songs on YouTube with my sister. I don’t have a badass exterior.”
“Take away the songs, and you’re one hundred percent tough guy, won’t let anyone in.”

She’s the most upbeat person I know. She’s the Tigger to my Eeyore.

“Wow. Did Hallmark lose its lunch in here?”


Too Good to Be True is an novella that takes place before Come As You Are and Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you read those books then you have met Olivia (Flynn’s Sister) and Herb (Malone’s Friend). If you haven’t read will!!

Herb and Olivia both have trouble dating with an open mind because of past relationships. But the both want the real deal. So with a mutual friend being a’s on! And that how they end up on the best. Date. Ever. But is it too good to be true? Can it be that easy? There has to be something wrong with one another, right?

Aw! I loved it. I loved Olivia and Herb in the other books so I was happy that they got their own story. It’s funny. It’s hot. It’s delicious.


“When you’ve got it, you’ve got it. No one snips dog balls better than this guy.”
“Put that on your business card, Herb.”
“It’ll be my new tagline.”

“You look like you were imported from the land of hot men.”
He blinks. His eyes widen and sparkle, and then he says, “Wow. I didn't know that country existed.”
“It’s right between Goodlookingvia and Stunninglandenero. Just north of Beautifulcountria.”
“I’d like to see your map of the world.”

“Failure is not an option,” she says, her tone intense.


Strong Suit is a book I never thought I needed and it was everything I wanted. I loved Noah and Ginny in Birthday Suit and now we get a glimpse of what was happening with them from the beginning. One year before Lulu came back into Leo’s life. I loved it. Even the kale talk and I hate kale. But, maybe if it was Noah feeding it to me, I might give in.

This is a short story full of flirt, questioning, and paper airplanes. A build-up to what’s to come.


He was a freaking twenty-five-year-old family man. Thanks, universe, for the temptation.

“Noah, are you about to say something vastly inappropriate about electric toothbrushes?”

“Would you let me do some chores for you?”
She waves her hand in front of her chest, like she’s heating up. “Please. You can’t say such seductive things in the office,” she whispers.


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