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The Milestone Tapes by Ashley Mackler-Paternostro
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Mar 01, 2012

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Read from April 28 to May 02, 2012

A heartrending read. The first part of the book is from Jenna's perspective and her unimaginable pain of knowing that she was going to die and leave behind a loving husband and a young daughter. I could definitely feel how hard it was for her to even think about the things she was going to miss. Having young children myself made reading that much stronger in feeling. Jenna describes how what she was leaving behind and the events she would miss harder to bear than the disease.

The second part of the book is after Jenna's death and how everyone moves on. I definitely felt for Mia losing her mom at such a young age. I'm 38 and I couldn't imagine losing my mom now, let alone when I was 7. I really thought the idea of the Milestone Tapes was a great idea and you can tell just how much Mia appreciates them and how much it hurt her to lose her mom. One sentence that I really liked was "It's the things that you have no say in that can hurt you the most, change you the most."

On the downside of the novel, I felt that there were several errors in the book - words missing and spelling errors - I don't know if it was a formatting issue or there really were words missing. Also, I felt some of the transitions were rough - especially the transition to when Mia is a teenager. The last we heard was that it was October and Jenna was dying, then it changes to November so naturally, I think it is the next month, not several years in the future. I read it and thought that Mia sounded a lot older than 7 (and she was) but a better transition could have been made, I think.

I also think that the first half of the book was the strongest of the two - I felt Jenna's emotions more so than Mia's, Gabe's or Sophia's, but both halves were rather emotional.

In the end, I would recommend this story as I thought the story was a good one but it could use some editing.

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