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The Seeker by Stephenie Meyer
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Mar 01, 2012

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I hate that this and the other sequel will probably never exist. Meyer's extremely lame excuse for not wanting to kill main characters off in a dangerous world is ridiculous. It probably half-killed J.K. Rowling to kill off as many beloved characters as she did in the HP series, but she understood, as Meyer clearly does not, that confrontations between good and evil usually result in a lot of bloodshed on both sides. Only if we as readers suspend our disbelief beyond reason could we accept a world where being on the side of good means that there is no pain, no death, so sacrifice - that those are reserved only for those on the side of evil. That's not realistic.

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message 1: by Laura (new)

Laura Drumheller She killed off Wes in The Host so I don't see why she would have an issue killing off characters. I think she is just looking for excuses to not have to write it plain and simple. I mean seriously it has been what 6 YEARS since her last book. It wasn't that hard for her to write the twilight novels back to back but now she is so involved in other crap and she has pretty much blown off the fans who got her where she is. She doesn't even update her fansite but a few times a year. And she doesn't bother to update it she has her brother or brother in law do it. Seriously you are so busy you can't write a blurb for five mins to let your fans know what you are working on. I have always enjoyed reading her books they are nice and easy and make me happy. Tho in the last few years I have become frustrated with her and her lack of respect for those she claims to admire. She needs to take her producer hat off and put her writing hat back on or she will end up losing all but her most obsessed fans. If she does decide to release another book the sales wont be as good because she has alienated most of her thinking fan base.

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