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Fix Her Up by Tessa Bailey
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Ok, so there are a lot of issues I had with this book that I want to address, but before that, I want to give a disclaimer: If you enjoyed this book and gave it 4 or 5 stars, that's great!! We all enjoy different things and we read and review in different ways. Differences in opinion are what makes this world so great!!

Now, onto the review:

This story follows professional clown Georgie Castle who has been pining for one man for basically her entire life. That man, who happens to be her older brother's best friend, is named Travis Ford. He was a professional baseball player who retired at the age of 28 after a shoulder injury left him unable to play.

Travis comes home to Port Jefferson a sad boy who doesn't know how to deal with the fact that he can't continue his one passion in life anymore. He doesn't leave his house and he spends his days eating takeout and drinking. He is also known as a player in the figurative sense that he sleeps around with a ton of girls and doesn't want to commit.

Georgie comes over one day to shake him out of the state he's in, and basically, romance ensues. But first, there's a little hate to love. Travis initially sees Georgie as more of an annoying little sister. This, coupled with his fear of commitment, does not look like it will fair well for Georgie.

Eventually, they decide to fake date (don't ask me how they got to that point) because they have goals they want to achieve through this. Travis wants to get a job position where he needs to appear more "family-friendly" so a stable relationship would counteract his bad reputation. Georgie wants to be taken more seriously by her family who treats her like she's still a high school kid.

Alright, now that we got that summary out of the way, let's take a look at the reasons that I did not enjoy this book. There are quite a few.

1. Characters SUCK: Let's start off with the fact that Travis' nickname is "two bats." Um, what? That is not cute. Actually, it's incredibly cringey. Aside from that, his entire personality is just awful. He treats Georgie horribly for most of the book, and every time he called her "baby girl," I wanted to throw the book across the wall (the only reason I didn't was that I read an e-copy LOL). Everything that came out of his mouth just sounded creepy and rehearsed. The dialogue was not realistic in the slightest. We'll get into more about him later, don't worry.

But Georgie? She acted incredibly immature for someone who wants to be taken more seriously. I wanted to see more of her job and interacting with customers in order to prove her maturity. Instead, we saw her tripping over her words whenever Travis entered a room.

Also, she has been in love with Travis since like middle school. She went to all of his baseball games when he still played for the high school, she owned his jerseys, and she continued to watch all of his games on tv when he went pro. She knew his stats and the stats of those he beat, etc. It was honestly super creepy. Also, she never went on a date with anyone, and all of her fantasies were about Travis. She was so stuck up on him that it reached the point of embarrassment.

2. Sexism: Travis treats Georgie (who is 23 years old) like a kid for half the book. He refers to her as "his best friend's little sister" so many times, even whilst on top of her on a couch with his tongue down her throat. In fact, he doesn't really consider her worth dating until she goes and gets a makeover at a boutique. She wears a tight skirt and he "finally sees her curves" which is when his male hormones take over. He objectifies her throughout the entire book, which no one seems to point out in their 4 or 5-star reviews...

Also, when Travis shows no interest in Georgie, she accepts a date with another man. Travis becomes incredibly possessive over her and basically manipulates her into canceling it. In fact, Travis' ego shows through in many of their encounters, specifically the sexual ones. THIS IS 2019!! Why do men still think they can walk all over women? It was gross and I really didn't appreciate that.

There was one scene where Georgie said something about how she was there to please her man or something and just, ew. No.

Travis ran the show and decided how their entire relationship would play out and Georgie just accepted it all. Even after he was horrible to her, she still wanted to date him. It definitely felt like she still had some childhood crush to get over. All I'm saying is she should have gone on the date with the other man instead. Maybe she would have been shown what love is actually supposed to be.

3. Lack of Communication: These characters both want to be taken more seriously. Georgie wants to start up an entire business for God's sake! But they can't communicate with each other to save their lives. They won't share their true feelings with each other about anything, so the way their relationship progresses from hate to love was just so unrealistic. I couldn't stand it.

Especially at the end. I'm not going to spoil what happens, but the issue could have so easily been resolved with a single sentence. But guess what? No one says anything!!

4. Pacing: Some parts of this book dragged on for way too many pages. I kept flipping to see how many more pages a chapter would last and was always disappointed by the incredibly high number. But then the ending, which could have been used to redeem Travis' personality and possibly make up for the rest of the book, was so fast. The last two chapters needed to be so much longer than they were!! I shouldn't be complaining because I wanted the book to be over already, but I'm still disappointed that it wasn't used to its fullest potential.

5. Boring: For the majority of the book, I found myself so bored by the entire story. I cared more about the side characters and their lives than the two main characters. I was trying to speed through the book because I wanted to get to the end so badly. But there were pages and pages of events that I didn't care about. The only reason I pushed through was for the hype.

There is honestly so much more that I could talk about with this book, but we'll leave it at these points.

I'm so so disappointed with this book. I wanted much more out of it after hearing all of the hype, but I just don't get it.

Again, if you don't agree, that's fine. Just move on!
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