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The Way To The Stars by Una McCormack
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Well...I was looking forward to reading this because a) I love the author's Star Trek novels, and b) I love ST: Discovery. But I didn't love this novel - sadly. It's not bad per se, but it feels rushed. It reminded me somehow of some fanfictions - you know, the ones where the authors rush through scenes to get to the ones they actually want to write. This is the first book by this author that felt to me like she was just doing a job. There's a lot of telling instead of showing, a lot of odd hyperbolic overreactions, some pretty flat characterisation. You have this one character who keeps repeating the same term of endearment over and over, in an utterly artificial way. Nobody talks like that. The most baffling part is that I know McCormack can do better - a lot better. Her Cardassia novels are superb. I've taken much inspiration from her writing. This, though? Meh. It's not terrible. The story is okay, the main character is cute (although her deciding to go by her last name at some point was kind of odd), the world-building is fine. I really enjoyed reading about Tilly's social life falling apart and how she couldn't get herself to see things from anyone else's perspective. I loved seeing her grow as a person and go through the learning process that got her to where she is in the series. That was neat. This kind of POV narration is really engaging, and McCormack is a lot better at writing third-person POV than many other bestselling authors are at writing first person. I just got the feeling that she rushed through this project because she wasn't into it. I didn't hate it, but I am mildly disappointed, which is kind of sad, given how much I usually love this author's work.

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