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Lonely Souls by Karice Bolton
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Feb 29, 2012

really liked it

LONELY SOULS is the first installment in author Karice Bolton's Witch Avenue series, and the first book of Bolton's I've had the chance to read. All I can say is, what an excellent book! Anymore, young adult paranormal books are very hit-and-miss with me. So I'll admit that I started this one a bit worried that I wouldn't connect with the story. I'm so happy I did join the tour, though, because I found the story to be quite enchanting.

When LONELY SOULS begins, Triss is on the brink of much change. She has just finished high school and is preparing to join the Witch Avenue Coven under her mother's guidance. When her mother suddenly disappears without a trace, the coven hurries the investigation and declares her dead, sparking Triss' suspicion. Determined to uncover the truth, Triss undergoes a dangerous journey with the help of her returned friend, Logan. Logan has some issues of his own, and he is interested in more than helping Triss; he wants to win her heart. Will they be able to resist the lure of dark magic?Will Triss find her mom, while falling in love?

So...witches. I'll also admit that I don't always love books revolving around witches. But Bolton, in my opinion, did a great job with this. Her imagined version of witchcraft didn't just involve someone whipping out a spell. These witches employed herbs, poultices, and other "natural" techniques. I found this to be more along the lines of what I enjoy. The fact that Triss' mom owned a shop that sold the products they made reminded me of the movie Practical Magic, which made me so happy. But that's not to say everything was light and breezy. There is dark magic involved. And while it didn't scare me, it did give me a bit of a chill when the witches turned to the dark side.

Another aspect to the story that I was on board with was the relationship between Logan and Triss. Triss is in a bad place when Logan returns. She's in mourning for her mother, though not convinced she's dead. Naturally she notices how much Logan has changed, how handsome he's become. But her focus is on finding the truth. She's hesitant to start a true relationship while in such turmoil. I found her choices to be so smart, and I appreciate Bolton writing her in this way. And oh, Logan was sooo sweet. Yes, he's handsome, but his heart is what won me over. He's loyal, and brave, and determined to do whatever he must to help Triss. And he's willing to wait for her. Great characters.

If I had any minor complaint, it would be I felt the pace of the story lagged in some areas. It wasn't bad, nothing that turned me off or made the story hard to read, though.

With it's enchanting characters, nicely-written story, and crazy intense ending, I found LONELY SOULS to be a very enjoyable story. I'm going to be anxiously waiting for the next book in the series!

Favorite Quote:

"I don't know how else to get this through your head. But you're the only one I've ever dreamed of being with. You've saved me on many levels, and I'm forever in your debt, and I'm willing to wait for however long it takes." (ebook, 40%)

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