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Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz
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I definitely did not expect Lucid to be so touching, achingly beautiful, and just so heartbreaking, but it was. I have so many mixed feelings for this book, but that ending just made everything click and had tears running down my face and I ended up loving it. I’m not going to rate this book because of the mixed feelings I had, but I will say that this was definitely a favorite.

Honestly, the first half of this book had me thinking I was gonna rate it a 3, meaning the first half was just, okay. It actually read like any other normal contemporary. Maggie and Sloane have two completely different and normal lives, except for the fact that they dream into each other’s lives when they fall asleep. And while that was all incredibly intriguing and interesting, the main problems with the first half were the characters and the romance. These two girls both click and connect with love-interests of their own, but it just seemed too insta-love for my tastes and I just felt no spark. And Maggie and Sloane themselves were a problem for me. I felt like I didn’t know them deeply enough or just couldn’t really connect with them, but of course you soon do once all the puzzle pieces start to fit together.

The second half is what did it for me. If you’re going to read this book and get bored with the first half like me, just keep going because it gets sooo much better. Everything starts to click and things start to get mind boggling and your mind will just be blown. There is some confusion and just outright crazy things happening, but things do start to get clear and make sense and it was all just incredibly beautiful. I’m not sure if the reason I was so torn with this book was because it had two different authors or what, but it was still definitely worth it.

You will be intrigued from page one with the need to know how all this dreaming into a different life problem is all working out. I just wish I was more drawn into the story and clutching the book sooner instead of halfway through. Maggie and Sloane did soon grow onto to me though and the love-interests made sense once I actually figured everything out.

Overall, even though I didn’t love the first half as much as the second, I am so glad I decided to pick this up and read it. Maggie and Sloane dreaming about each other have a much more underlying meaning that gives out a very meaningful message. Adrienne Stoltz and Ron Bass have such creative and innovative imaginations, and I definitely will be reading more from them. I still can’t stop thinking about this book and come close to tears every time I think of that heart-felting ending. I think fans of romance and people who like plotlines similar to The Unbecoming of Mara Dyer will fall in love with Lucid.

I did receive Lucid for free, but that doesn’t affect my opinion of the story.

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08/12/2012 page 28
8.0% "God this is so intriguing. I wonder if either Maggie or Sloane is actually real.."
08/13/2012 page 172
50.0% "Okay.. this has just been reading like any other contemprary for a while. It's not exactly boring or anything, but I wish something exciting and out of the ordianry would happen."
08/13/2012 page 203
59.0% "HOLY HELL. I just had the hugest epiphany and the characters aren't even realizing what's happening!!"
08/13/2012 page 264
77.0% "Things are starting to get really freaky now"
08/13/2012 page 330
96.0% "My God. This is completely mind boggling."

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