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Beautiful Disaster by J.M. Snyder
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Feb 29, 2012

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Ian Coltraine in 'Beautiful Disaster' by J.M. Snyder is in love with his best friend, but he feels he has to hide it. It's especially hard on Ian because he has to listen to his friend, Corey Evans, talk about his many conquests. Ian knows that Corey is searching for something more permanent, and even though he realizes that being with the girls means nothing to him, seeing his friend engage in such meaningless activity only adds to his frustration. Ian wishes Corey could see that what he needs is right in front of him. Ian wants to commit to Corey, to give him everything he needs, but the fear of not having his love returned, or even worse, losing him as a friend, leaves Ian suffering in silence.

Being successful at any age is hard to wrap your head around at times, but dealing with the constant challenge of staying grounded in spite of it, at 20 years old is nearly impossible for Corey. It's not that Corey is cold-hearted about the women he beds, he's just not mature enough to realize the consequences. He doesn't understand that such behavior depletes not adds to his well being. He also doesn't see how his behavior affects Ian and why. He knows Ian is angry at him and this breaks his heart, but for the life of him, Corey can't figure out why. He's so close to Ian that he discounts Ian's feelings and his own. He can't realize that he loves Ian in a way that they both feel and need to be whole. Until he can feel that, they are both doomed to misery.

Ian broke my heart. He loves Corey so much, but is frustrated with his insensitivity. Ian comes close to destroying himself to keep from alienating his friend. Ian is definitely more in touch with things than Corey. He understands what Corey is doing yet has to stand by and watch him make mistakes over and over again without being able to point them out to Corey. He goes on so long in pain and denial that when Corey begins to understand what's between them, Ian has trouble accepting it. He's afraid Corey will treat him the way he's treated all of his other lovers and toss him away like used tissues. As much as he loves Corey, he's not willing to destroy himself to have him in his arms.

This book is a good example of what a disaster life can be without communicating effectively, both with yourself, as well as with others. It shows the pitfalls of living in the surreal world of the rock music scene while trying to balance all the glitter and glitz in order to have a real life. It's full of angst and a myriad of other emotions, but at least has a happy for now ending. If you like love stories about rock musicians learning how to live and love, you might enjoy 'Beautiful Disaster’.

NOTE: This book was provided by JMS Books for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews.

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