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Blackbirds by Chuck Wendig
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Feb 29, 2012

it was amazing
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Read on April 13, 2012

5 Stars

I received this incredibly fun read from Net Galley and F#ck ‘n A, Miriam is one cool ass, strong, brave and extremely foul mouthed piece of trash that captured my heart and my interest as she let her first explicits fly.  This is a very cool book… it was my first Wendig novel, but surely will not be my last. I loved that Wendig holds no punches back. He writes with a gritty and raw flare, without pussy footing around being politically correct. Yes, he can be vulgar, the language is rough, and there is a lot of sex, drugs, and alcohol.  For the record, I am very much the way Miriam describes most men, I am a “pig” that finds that the raunchier, the gorier, the dirtier, and the more explicit things are, the more I will probably like it. Unfortunately, not everyone feels the same and as a result, they may miss out by passing up on reading about this highly original, charismatic, white trash woman. They may feel that there is simply is too much dirt and grime on these pages preventing them from being able to see through to the shiny parts on the inside. Enough about this: on to the story.


“The first rule,” Miriam says, “is that I only see what I see when skin touches skin. If I touch your elbow and you’re wearing a shirt, then nothing. If I wear gloves – and I used to, because I didn’t want to bear witness to all this craziness – then it prevents the vision from happening.”


Our amazing heroine Miriam has a unique ability, a curse in her eyes, in that whenever she first makes skin contact with a person, she can see when they will die, and how they will die. Wendig uses a fantastic structure to this novel, utilizing many interludes in which we are given more backstory, more details, and told more about the characters. This structure worked, and I looked forward to the pauses in the storyline because they enriched the story and increased my enjoyment of it. Plus I loved the reading of her diary and the image of tearing out the pages on her life.

Wendig fills this book with many colorful, funny, and interesting characters. Louis “Frankenstein” makes for a great guy for us to root for, and for Miriam to be involved with. Ashley is the annoying son of a bitch that thinks people like him, when in reality; they cannot help but loathe him. Frankie and Harriet: The tall man and short stocky woman made for the scary bad guys that also brought some fun to the table. They had some witty and funny dialogue exchanges that had me laughing out loud.  There are some great action scenes involving a guy, “Fat Dude”, and his buddy “Gray Pubes”. Of course the hairless man, Ingersoll made an awesome head bad guy.

Wendig’s writing matched this messed up story perfectly. It is filled with creative colorful metaphors that will make you cringe and laugh all at the same time.


“Miriam speaks in a small voice. “Miss Nancy? Are you okay?”
“What are you?” she hisses.
“What? What do you mean?”
“Something dead is inside you. A deep, black, shriveled thing, and it’s crying out like a lost child for its mother. You are the hand of death. You are its mechanism. I can hear the wheels turning, the pulleys pulling.” “


““Do not be scared of what I can see, because what I can see is part of nature. It is natural. I read natural things, like bones or leaves or fly wings, and they tell me what is coming. The world has its strange balance, and what I can see is no more magic than how you look down the road and see a mailbox or a man walking – I simply see how everything will balance out.””


This was a great fun read that I did not want to put down for a second. It is a visceral rush that builds up steam and unfolds in an awesome fashion like a bang at the end. Damn, I am so glad that this will not be the only time that I will get to read about Miriam Black. A 2012 must read!!!!
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message 3: by Stephen (new)

Stephen Great review, Jason.

Laura I loved this book too. Nice review! And hey, you're from Lockport! WNY forever!

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Nimrod Daniel Great review. It goes right into my to-read list :)

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