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The Hunt by Andrew Fukuda
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Feb 29, 2012

it was ok
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I'm struggling as to whether I should give this a 2.5 or a 3.
I know. What a horrible rating for a book I'm sure you expected a lot more from.
It started off decent enough. The middle was quite shaky. But the last 50 pages or so just went more and more downhill.

When you get down to it (to be blunt). It's a case of one dimensional characters and not that much of a well-written book. It was entertaining at points. But something would always pop up that would let me down. World building wasn't on point and nor did I feel that it was nearly explained as it should have been. We know the basics. But that's it. I didn't find it believable and I also did not feel like I was being attempted at being convinced. When the characters aren't doing it for you, you at least need to believe in the premise (especially in this genre). I found neither with this book.

Our protagonist is a boy who tends to act modest, but behind that little facade of his, he truly thinks he is the shit. When it's not the most popular girl in school: Ashley June fawning over him, every other girl is. Of course it's hardly his fault that he's so good looking, charming, intelligent and brilliant. I mean, he tries so very hard to hide his brilliance, so very hard in fact that everyone sees him as the loner, good looking guy who holds back when it comes to work.

I mean he tries to hide it so much that it shocks him when he realises that people have somehow noticed his amazing intelligence! *gasps* However could such a thing have happened. *cricket*

You have this Heper (human) who is surrounded by these Vampire peepz. Humans are apparently now extinct. Or close to extinct anyway. When it is announced that there will be one last Hunt where the winner Hunters will be set loose to capture, kill and eat the Hepers. Everyone in the whole Institute can't wait. No seriously, they really can't. As soon as they hear the name Hepers, and god forbid, see the FACES ON SCREEN, they start to shake their heads, drool splashing everywhere, mesmerised and very, very hungry.

It's not an easy life living among the predators. Every day he shoves in those fake fangs, applies ointment and hand-sanitisers all over his body( to take away all body odour so that they don't smell him), eat raw meat and follow all their rituals to basically blend in. It's very, very tough when he can't smile, laugh, run or eat the food that he enjoys. He doesn't even remember his own name, bless him. It's pretty much hell to keep up this facade every day for the rest of your life. In fact, I don't know how he manages to for as long as he does, and truthfully, I think it's pulling itself a bit of a stretch there. No way would any human be able to pull off and blend in as long as he does, no way.

Oh, these are no hot vamps, guys. First off all, just ew. They sleep hanging upside-down on ceilings (like freaking bats), drool all the facking time. And I'm serious. In every page, someone is drooling(and let me tell you, it is bloody annoying). When they're not drooling you have out protagonist doing this weird mating ritual shit where he's knocking elbows with a certain someone (I mean come on, elbows, is this supposed to be sexy) when it's not the elbows, it's freaking armpits. Oh please, I thought I would die from all the cringing and elbow/armpit mating.

But get this. He thinks that the Heper are savages. Pathetic, uneducated etc, etc. But somehow, he is superior. Even though you are also a Heper you facking idiot! I get that he's been brought up to blend in, to follow their rules. But his father never barred him from the truth. He was always very clear about who they were. So I don't care what his excuse is. His tendency to be utterly arrogant in comments like these pissed me off. Not to mention, when it comes down to it, he is a bit of a coward, not very interesting, oh, and a douche. I also didn't find him very interesting. Booooooooo.

Also, I think Gene has a thing with arms. Maybe he finds them kinky or something.

And then at one point there was this song. I read the lyrics and I think they were supposed to be pretty and beautiful, but they were kind of lame. Of course then I felt guilty for thinking they were lame. But, you know, they just really were. Lame that is.

I did have higher hopes for it. I thought it would be a lot better. Instead I got a very Hunger Games -esque novel, without the awesomeness :( If I try to look at this book character wise, it still fails quite bad. I did not connect with even one, simply because there was not enough depth to them. The only character that intrigued me a bit was Ashley. And we all know what happened with that one. Eh.

Did I mention the cheesy bits. Oh boy does it get cheesy. So the 'hot chick' who is in love with our protag, is in a group called 'The Desirables'. Yes guys, I kid you not. *blinks* Towards the end this cheesiness goes on to this whole other level. So much so that I had a huge urge to look away because I was so embarrassed for this poor book. It was all quite traumatising.

When it wasn't the un-sexy times, it was the knocking of not very sexy elbows and armpits *winces*. Then there was hissing, scratching their elbows when they found something funny (I know, WTF'?) or the drooling that had the tendency to slobber all over our protags head, OR it was the cheesy dialogue. *flails*

Too much freaking weirdness in one book. Fair enough, it's refreshing to see these different habits of these vamps, I just wish they were habits that weren't so silly. Oh,oh! I remember something! The author had a habit of repeating dialogue- which really did not make me love it more.

It's all so negative. *sighs* I know. It was OK the the beginning, though. Just went downhill I'm afraid :/
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02/29/2012 page 10
3.0% "well isn't this a weird book. scratching writs, fake teeth, body odour, ointment. hmmmm."
02/29/2012 page 13
4.0% "'the desirables' *groans* oh come on, man!"
02/29/2012 page 36
12.0% "the most awkward and un-sexy scene. EVER. I am still cringing. urghhhhh. the horror! i know maybe the weirdness is kind of the point. but come on. must it be so horrible."
02/29/2012 page 200
66.0% "not sure how i'm supposed to feel about this. but it's going all hunger games on me right now. :/"
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Devyani i'm reading this one as well :D

Aly (Fantasy4eva) yo, read-along? :) what page you on?

Devyani hehe just started . finished with the Prologue , to be exact page no. 5 :D

Aly (Fantasy4eva) page nine. omg these weirdos scratch their wrist when they find something funny. errr... WTF is that. i hear it gets weirder so i'm curious :D

Devyani i just passed that point and i giggled a bit :D
(view spoiler)

Aly (Fantasy4eva) dude. wait until you hear about 'the desirables' could not help but roll my eyes. like come on man. something a little more original!

Devyani dude are they zombie or not ? o.O
i mean i was thinking about civilized zombies but i agree..the desirables ? xD

Aly (Fantasy4eva) they're vamps, right? he mentions he wears fake fangs and such. so pretty sure it's vamps. LOL, i know! i was like, talk about cheesy. bless. hahaha. i'm getting anxious for the kid. poor guy is struggling to keep up. don't blame him either

Devyani the screen above the stage is filled with our nation’s symbol:
two white fangs, standing for Truth and Justice.

you're right . they are vamps afterall .

Aly (Fantasy4eva) he wears the ointment so that they can't smell him. and i guess it's because every time he has to cover up who he is, he's reminded how different he is and that he'll never fit in. plus, guy has to deal with hell to make sure he fits in. i'd just stand there and tell them to catch me if they can! LOL :D

Aly (Fantasy4eva) ew. have you got to that very awkward and not so smexy part on page 38? i mean, is this part supposed to make me swoon. because i'm cringing right now, BAD.

Devyani were they fighting or was it a vampire version of seven minutes in heaven ? o.O

message 13: by Aly (Fantasy4eva) (last edited Feb 29, 2012 03:12PM) (new) - rated it 2 stars

Aly (Fantasy4eva) LMFAO. okay, that just made me lol :D I know. wtf was that. it was like so freaking weird and on the nasty side even. (view spoiler) just ew.

what page you on now mate :D

Devyani mating ritual .


knocking and spitting is one thing , i must have barfed when it came to elbows into armpits . i don't even want to imagine .
right now on page 51 :D what about you ?

Aly (Fantasy4eva) the armpit thing. *dies* i think i was just a tad horrified. page 45. :) urghh. a part of me is thinking, wtf was the author thinking. but it's a little nice to see something different. even if it makes me want to run away in sheer embarrassment.

message 16: by Devyani (last edited Feb 29, 2012 03:23PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Devyani *shudders with the thought of armpits*

i'd say that the author is rather imaginative ?
the forbidden move with the armpits and spitting .....definitely .(view spoiler)

Aly (Fantasy4eva) hahhahaa! this is too much fun :D

yeah. (view spoiler)

Devyani falls down laughing xD

(view spoiler)

Aly (Fantasy4eva) that's a good point. (view spoiler)

Aly (Fantasy4eva) just read the part on page 103 :(

Wendy Darling Oh...poo.

Devyani i'm nearing the end and i can definitely understand why you feel compelled to give it such a low rating :/

Aly (Fantasy4eva) it was a pretty bad disappointment wendy :/

yeah. went downhill, especially towards the end devy.

Christen (GoldiloxReads and Whimsify) Man, your review just described my entire experience with this book. I DNF, which is rare for me. I made it through 61 page,s and then finally had to give up and skim through the resy (and I mean SERIOUS skimming). The wrist scratching...the elbow sex (W.T.F.?)...I mean really!

message 25: by Ariana (last edited Mar 21, 2012 01:14PM) (new)

Ariana oh.. 2 stars.. but I love the cover (the other one, with the torn paper) :| *cries in a corner*

Kyleigh omfg girl how did you not like this? I thought it was bloody brilliant. Just finished it actually. I devoured it in a few hours

message 27: by M. (new) - added it

M. Gosh, thank you for saving me from this disaster. I could take the drooling, but elbows and armpits? Ewww. The more hyped the book the more likely it's crap.

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