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Unraveled by Courtney Milan
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Feb 29, 2012

really liked it

So maybe I read this entire series in less than a week. And maybe I spent most of that time grinning, sighing, or making a sentimental "ahhh" sound. That's probably what happened. Admittedly, I'm on kind of a romantic binge right now. But I only review the good ones. And Milan is very good.

For a historical series, these books are impeccably researched. There are no dialogue goofs (as in, they didn't say that until the 20th century you idiot). But it goes beyond that - she understands how the people lived and how their society worked. In Unraveled, the hero is a magistrate and her understanding of 19th century British law was pretty impressive. I thought she may have gone to law school...turns out she was a practicing lawyer before publishing her first novel. So it's official. Courtney Milan is living my dream.

Each book in the series (except for the novella, which is lovely in its own right so you should download it right now) centers around one of the Turner brothers. Their mother was a crazy piece of work and she fucked them up in very different ways. But each book also has a smart and sassy heroine and Milan constantly surprised me with how she used familiar romantic themes in interesting ways...will the heroine keep a dark secret out of fear that the truth will lead to rejection leading to puffed up and unnecessary drama? Don't count on it in Unraveled.

Anyway, these books are like literary cotton candy. And if you know me, you know how much I love cotton candy. Can I live on it? Nope. But hell if I can't gorge myself on it during a baseball game and be so happy I did.

Milan's next series starts coming out in the spring and until then I've already got her first 2 books ready to go on my kindle. If you have two X chromosomes, read this series, unless you hate love and puppies in which case you get a pass (but you probably aren't my friend anyway).
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