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Synchronicity by F. David Peat
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Feb 29, 2012

really liked it

1991. I have a crush on Pauline Caluya, but I am restrained from pursuing her. She is a commie and runs with a real different crowd. I fear my feelings, if reciprocated, would result in a failed relationship. One night, I dream of both Pauline and I in a weight room along with a tiger—as tigers so often are… in gyms. Also, as is well known and as tigers are prone to do in such places, that being squats, so was this tiger doing. Several thick-necked caucasoidal men were loudly testayellerroning at the tiger to squeeze out a few more repetitions—lest its entire feline masculinity and worthiness to eat meat be called into question. Pauline and I look at each other perplexed.

I awake the next day interpreting the tiger as a symbol of my restrained passion for Pauline, and I head off to class (We are in college at this point). Coincidentally, I run into Pauline the next day which I thought odd, because at this time, we would only see each other maybe 2-3 times per year. Therefore, at these times, we would chat, and this moment was no different except that in the course of our conversation, Pauline blurts, “Oh, John! I have to tell you I am going to get a tattoo…”
And of course, I already then know exactly the tattoo or at least what the subject of the tattoo will be.

For some reason I do not say, “Oh you mean a…” in order to look omniscient. No, I miss that opportunity and instead say and ask, “Oh…. Really?.. And what would that be”? As if asking the question would somehow change the rather inexplicable course on which I or we appear to be. And “yes”. She answers, “A tiger”…

Fast forward to 1996, and I am dozing off to sleep with my future wife when in the early days of our loving courtship, I am having a dream of a monkey doing something monkeys often do: advertise upcoming live music performances by skateboarding around and hammering posters into telephone poles. The monkey slips on one of its forward skateboard pushes and begins to fall. This jostles me awake. It also awakens Amber who asks me what happened. I told her quickly of what I was dreaming and she replies, “That is what I thought”.

“Uhhhhh… say what?”… Turns out when I jostled, she “received” an image of a monkey on a skateboard hanging posters.

What the hell is going on with these (few and far between) dreams of animals and women I like?!!?!?! Are messages being sent out across the ether? Are they always being sent and only at times reaching consciousness? What does any of this mean, if anything? To say “random coincidence” as an explanation seems out of fear and unwillingness to consider these oddities and the conclusions to which such consideration they may lead.

Such synchronicities are the subject of F. David Peat’s “Synchronicity”. He looks at other thinkers’ forays into these strange phenomenons and he pushes in the direction of explanations of how and why they occur, what they mean and the potential physical (as in physics), temporal, psychological, social and spiritual implications toward which they point.

That’s all. Nothing much. It is very much conjecture. Nevertheless, a fascinating read bolstered by references to eminent brains that have tarried on this fascinating topic such as Carl Jung, Werner Heisenberg and Charles Dickens. It delved into topics such as the ultimate blurriness between mind and matter and wider orders of time.

Though I do live in SoCal, Southern California, it is not the stuff of a stoner-brain, Peat approaches the topic rationally and scientifically giving due credit to the practical and wider value of more “mainstream” or “causal” explanations of time and separation of mind and matter. However, he also does not “run skerrd” from the truth that Newtonian-Cartesian conceptions of time, mutually exclusive objects and separation of mind and matter break down at quantum levels and that there are many mysteries beyond rationality.

Check it out and you will be treated to definitions of time, meaning, considering God anew and be reminded of or shown how rational thought surfaced out of the void. Or you can watch Glee.
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message 1: by Isaac (new)

Isaac Mizrahi one of the best reviews i've ever read. anywhere. itself, a very nice piece of writing. hiply eloquent and informative...not to mention creative, if not taking liberties(as if language is something that was ever NOT to be ever changing?) that too few of us are brave enough to take. thanks john. i like this site more every time i come here...

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