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Ship of Magic by Robin Hobb
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Feb 29, 2012

really liked it

I have to say that when this book was chosen by my Book Club my heart did sink a little. A fantasy book is not really up my street although I have dabbled in some Terry Pratchett, Mort being a particular favourite! When I downloaded it onto my kindle and saw that it was a tomb of 880 pages my heart sank a little deeper. But hey this is what book clubs are about and reading new authors and genres that I wouldn’t necessarily pick up.

In a nutshell the trilogy is about a fleet of ships called Liveships that are made from wizard wood and after three generations of their owners living and dying on them they quicken and come to life. The first book is mainly focussed on the Vestritt family and their ship called Vivacia but we also have a few other plot lines thrown in. There is Captain Kennitt who wants to be the Pirate King, Brashen who sailed on Vivacia until the new Captain takes over and the old liveship Paragon who most think has gone insane and is stranded on a beach sightless.

I have to say that I really enjoyed this book, so much so that I am going to get the next two instalments as I need to know what happens. There are a lot of characters with their own tales and although at the start this can be a little confusing it all comes together and you find yourself wanting to know what is happening to each of them and growing more and more involved with them. I have to say that Captain Kennitt was a particular favourite of mine even though he was the most unlike able character from the start. I do think that as I read it I had Captain Jack Sparrow in my head and this is why he grew on me!

I think that Robin Hobb is a great story teller and the fact that she has written some great female characters in a story that is mainly dominated by men is a real eye opener. She gives all her female’s a core strength that is very enjoyable to read. I am very keen to find out what happens to Althea who is the lead female in the book. She shows great strength in trying to get her ship back so much so that she dresses as a boy in order to gain experience on other ships and to prove her Brother in Law wrong. But she can also be too headstrong and even gave up on Vivacia when she needed her most. I will enjoy seeing which parts of her character will evolve as the books continue.

For a book I wasn't sure about I can't wait to download the next two on my kindle and see where the story takes me.

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