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Rage by Jackie Morse Kessler
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Feb 28, 2012

it was amazing

What a powerful story! After the incident at the party I was ready to assume War myself. Missy deals with the pressure of high parent expectations, parental neglect, and a real loser of an ex-boyfriend by cutting herself. The cutting gives her a sense of control and relief. When she is saved from cutting an artery by Death and offered War's sword, she first shuts the door in Death's face.

She also has to continually deal with an ex-boyfriend that she still loves but who only wants to humiliate her. And she teased and harassed by other students at her school. She has learned to seal her emotions away and not look like their comments are hurting her. Her only comfort at school is the soccer team where she is the goalie. But when many of the girls on the team turn against her, she loses her only safe spot.

It takes time for Missy to come to grips with the idea of being War. She talks about it as having a really steep learning curve. But she is strong enough to do the learning. I liked the idea that she has a bit of a crush on Death. I also liked the glimpses of Famine and Pestilence that we got in this story. The whole story is about control. Control is her key to controlling War. She needs to feel that she has control in her life too.

I think that this was an excellent story that could help someone understand what makes a person choose to cut them self. The fantasy setting made the emotions much more intense than a straightforward contemporary novel with the same theme. This is an excellent companion to Hunger. And it makes me even more eager to read Loss.

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