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A Kill in the Morning by Graeme Shimmin
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Listen up, Old Sport, and listen good. The Jerries just about won the war after they dropped a bomb on Winston, and they pretty much have a stranglehold on Europe.

Hitler’s still running the joint, although in name only as he’s a syphilitic geriatric and with any luck he won’t see 1955 out. Blighty still has her empire but the Yanks never got involved in the war, and the damned Nazis run everything from Bordeaux to Belarus.

We should have A-bombed them when we had the chance – all those fleeing Jewish scientists gave us the edge on that one – but they’ve got the bomb now too, so it’s only mutually assured destruction that keeps us from kicking off the party again.

MI6 and the SOE have combined to form the ‘The Service’, and we keep an eye on what the Huns are up to, running the odd undercover operation and trying to stop the buggers getting their hands on anything that might break the stalemate.

I know what you’re thinking. You’ve seen this alternative history, Nazis-won-the-war caper before. Harris’ Fatherland, Dick’s The Man in The High Castle, Roth’s The Plot against America. You’ve probably had a gutsful of reimaged Nazi stuff, and I can’t say I blame you, Old Jockstrap.

The difference here, in Graeme Shimmin’s A Kill in the Morning is that this isn’t a grim, how-rogered-is-the-world dark history like the others – this is an action packed romp through a Bond-like world of special missions, assassinations and Nazi superweapons. Hell, for the boffins among you there’s even a bit of science fiction thrown in.

Your mission - and I strongly advise you to accept it, Old Sweatsock - is to follow along with our best agent. An ex SOE chap called… called… actually, in the best tradition of Westerns he is a man with no name, but trust me, he is known by his deeds. The Old Boy is a dab hand at the dark arts – sniping, bombing, close-up assassinating, all the finest points of espionage. He’s a real Nazi hater too – he brings his heart and soul to his work, and has never met a fascist he doesn’t want to kill.

Anyway, you’ll be following along as he does some off-the-books liberating of a death camp or two, and discovers that the blasted Nazis have some sort of superweapon on the cards, something that he’ll need to stop or its curtains for all of us.

Along the way there will be tough female undercover agents, dastardly SS officers, and even the Blond Beast himself, Reinhard Heydrich -a man surely no-one tires of seeing get his jolly comeuppance.

While you’re hanging around with our one man army, be sure to check out the scenery. The world's a bit different from what you’re used to, what with the dead hand of fascism running the place. The Europe you know is gone, and the dictatorship it has become is rather well realized, and quite bloody convincing to boot.

Anyway, you really must give this one a try, Old G-String - it’s a rollicking tale, and it’ll pull you through the pages like a Frenchie chasing a smelly cheese tied to a galloping horse. Shimmin knows how to string a few words together, that’s for sure - he’s the bloody Shakespeare of alternative history Nazi-science-fiction action thrillers.

Four epoch-shaking Nazi superweapons out of five.
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