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Real Marriage by Mark Driscoll
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Feb 28, 2012

Warning: Because the book is TMI, this review might be TMI.

I...can't even GIVE this any star ratings, it was so bad. So let it be known that, NO, I did not forget to rate it. That zero star highlighting IS my rating.

This was so bad, I wish I listened to my friend who told me not to read this.

I can't even begin...Grace needs to knock it off with the victim-blaming thing. She still feels guilty. They're obsessed with HER sin, what caused the (admittedly) unwarranted abuse, and also what she brought into her marriage, her hurting her husband because SHE had a problem. Oh, bloody...

And most things are fine to do in hetero-marriage, as long as they don't take the place of P-in-V sex. Right, because that's the most important kind. Heaven forbid a woman actually NOT like penetration, or the husband actually DOES! And is still STRAIGHT? NO! These people are so clueless. They generalize. They say stupid, sexist things. I can't even begin to use examples, because every other paragraph, I was freaking out about something absolutely asinine that they wrote. You think I'm exaggerating? I assure you, I'm not.

And the WRITING. They should never write. I've done editing for online copy. I've read people who can't write, who just rip things from Wiki. I swear, the Driscolls read JUST like those people. They can't write. If they were in my freshman comp class, I would flunk them severely.

And what IS this obsession with sex? Masturbation? Porn? I think they might be a little TOO obsessed. What skeletons hid in HIS closet, I wonder? Ugh, such an ignorant person writing ignorant things.

And this whole anal sex thing? They have a special view. Apparently, it's more dangerous for the woman than the man? How? Does the man have a magical iron bunghole, or what? No, he does not. But apparently, a man can only receive anal via the wife's finger. But the wife has to take the husband's manhood in hers? Spare me. It's all about the almighty phallus, and their view of it is not what I would call healthy or equality-minded, despite their protestations. Bleah, bleah, and double bleah.

This book sucks. If you read it for marriage and sex advice, you deserve whatever happens. I wouldn't trust these winners, considering it took them well over a decade to learn that they might actually NEED to communicate with each other.

And this whole women can only be friends with women thing? Screw that. Same sex friendships don't guard against emotional adultery. I feel sorry for Grace. I almost want to write her a condolence letter.
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message 1: by Adri (new)

Adri I caught that same theme in the entire book. I love Driscoll's other writings and usually his sermons are great. However, I felt this entire book was about how Grace failed as a wife. Mark's minor issues were briefly referenced and hers were drawn out. (I even read it with an open mind, I didn't realize it was controversial to begin with. I just knew something was off when I came away with a complete frustration for everything stemming out of Grace's issues/choices.)

message 2: by Woowott (new) - added it

Woowott I agree. I was actually a rage-filled Hulk on nearly every page because of stuff like that.

Jenni I read this book and totally agree with everything you said about this book!

message 4: by Tina (new)

Tina Mark Driscoll has sexual issues. I feel badly for his wife!

Jerrel wow. what book were you reading. it wasnt the same Real Marriage by mark driscoll that I read

message 6: by Woowott (new) - added it

Woowott Jerrel wrote: "wow. what book were you reading. it wasnt the same Real Marriage by mark driscoll that I read"

Unless the library pulled a really fast one on me, it was. Read it more carefully next time.

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