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Wild Hunger by Chloe Neill
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The next generation is here! This spin-off of the Chicagoland Vampires features the one and only Elisa. As the only born vampire, she is unique and treated differently. It is possible to read this book as a standalone. Reading the original series would help. Full disclosure, I have not read all the other books in the other series. I left it in a huff when Mallory went all crazy "dark Willow". I didn't like it and thought it came out of the blue. I digress. In this new series, it is literally featuring the son and daughters of the original powerhouse. The powerhouses are still here, in a supporting cast role. They will be needed as it seems this next generation has issues.

I like the new generation. Elisa is a responsible and conscientious daughter. As a possible heir to her father's House, she is a princess. This could make her a spoiled brat. She is not. She did her training in Paris, France to be treated the same as other young vampires. However, her apparently lack in age does not equate to a lesser power. She holds an extra oomph and she's afraid of it. This has trouble written all over it. Why children think they can hide something from responsible, caring, loving and supportive parents is beyond me. We do get to see a little bit of what is to come. Personally, I think it's awesome what Elisa has, but that is because I'm a jaded old woman uncaring of other people's opinions. When I was as young as Elisa, it would have mattered a lot to me.

Along with Elisa, Connor, son of the Pack Alpha makes his presence known. Connor is a hawt, sexy werewolf shifter with issues of his own. His are responsibilities to his pack. It shouldn't be a problem, but it is because Elisa messes with his priorities. He isn't expecting to be attracted to the snot-nosed little princess he remembers. To round out this supernatural triad is LuLu. She is the daughter of Mallory. As a witch from two very powerful magicians, one would think Lulu is a powerhouse too. But no, she complete cut of any magic use and ignores her full potential. Of the three, Lulu is the one I'm most disappointed in. I understand where she is coming from. However, her willful blindness to magic is going to be a major handicap and will only bring her grief. I'm already thinking of all the different scenarios of how she will be a liability. None of the permutations are looking good.

The conflict in this story is a long time coming. The Fae are back and what they want is fathomable if unachievable. When they attempt to do what they want, all hell breaks loose. The strong alliances between the American vampire houses and the shifters are strains. This flushes the European Vampires peace treaty talks down the drain with Elisa caught in the middle. The political intrigue in written heavy-handed. The players are not subtle in the Pack, Vampire house and especially not in the Fae. It is clear from the get-go who are the main threats. Although I have a sneaking suspicion there is a quieter vampire betrayer that will come in follow books, out of the blue. Just like how there was zero indication of Mallory going bad, just one day she went crazy. Not a fan of this writing style, but tends to be a trademark of Ms. Neill, coming out of the left-field with the unexpected. It will be exciting to see what happens. This new adult book is recommended to paranormal readers who enjoy seeing a new batch of supernaturals coming into their own.
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