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Some Girls Bite by Chloe Neill
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it was amazing
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I'm a little bit gobsmacked at how much I loved this book. I listened to the audio, and that tends to downrate a book for me, for some reason. Aside from a few narrators, I tend to want different inflection than what I get. This narrator was perfect for the part. I ended up trying to find things to clean just so I could keep listening. Love when that happens!! I love a slow-burning romance, and that is what is happening between Ethan and Merit. Rrrrreallllllly slows, from what I hear, but sometimes that's my favourite. I get so invested in the characters. Since the story is set in modern times, and within weeks of the "coming out" of vampires, there is little to no world-building. Just the intro into the ins and outs of this universe's vampire idiosyncrasies. It's not horribly angsty. It has an intricate possible series plot as well as the individual one. If nothing else, it will be just kick ass to ride along and see what the series has in store for Merit.
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Quotes Mackenzie Liked

Chloe Neill
“You’re crude.”
"I’m crude?”
"You just offered to make me your whore.”
"To be the Consort of a Master vampire is an honor, Initiate, not an insult.”
"It’s an insult to me. I’m not going to be your—anyone’s—sexual outlet. When that . . . happens for me, when I meet him, I want partnership. Love. You don’t trust me enough for the former, and I’m not even sure you’re capable of the latter.”
chloe neill, Some Girls Bite

Chloe Neill
“Well, what?” I waved a hand at the room.
“Start genuflecting. Let’s see some knee action.”
“You’re serious.” I lifted my brows.
He responded in kind, but finally nodded his head, then walked between the couches. He dropped to one knee, then held out his hands.

“I’m monumentally sorry for the pain and humiliation that I caused you and your—”
“Both knees.”
“I’d prefer to see both knees on the ground. I mean, if you’re going to grovel, be the best groveler you can, right?”
Chloe Neill, Some Girls Bite

Chloe Neill
“Luc : It's time for our annual review of Rules You Disrespectful Bastards Never Follow.”
Chloe Neill, Some Girls Bite

Chloe Neill
“You cannot seriously think you’re going to fight this guy. He could kick your ass with one arm tied behind his back, much less with all his voluminous vampire powers. He’s probably stronger than you, faster than you. He can probably jump higher. Hell, he can probably glamour you into making out with him right there on the mats.”

We simultaneously looked over to where Ethan, half naked, was toeing off his black leather loafers. The muscles in his abdomen clenched as he moved. So did the lines of corded muscle across his shoulders.

God, but he was beautiful.

I narrowed my gaze.

Beautiful but evil. Wicked. The repugnant dregs of foul malevolence. Or something.

“Jesus,” Mallory whispered. “I want to support your quest for revenge and all, but maybe you should just let him glamour you.” She looked at me, and I could tell she was trying not to laugh. “Either you’re fucked, or you’re fucked, right?”
Chloe Neill, Some Girls Bite

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