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Vanquished by Nancy Holder
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Ok, i liked it, but i didnt love it. It took too long for me, and then the action was actually cut really short. I also couldnt get into Jenn and Antonio, maybe i just need to re-read the other two books but i feel like there was NO development in thier relationship. I mean WHY are they so in love...i didnt get it. I felt like a book was missing where we got to see their love bloom, or that maybe they would start to spend more time together, but there was nothing, in the entire series they spent more time apart than together. Because of that i found it hard to root for them.

Also random things kept happening. Like Jamie suddenly loving Skye, or Heather being beautiful and wanting Lucifer, or Skye loving Holgar (and him loving her for that matter, i mean he hardly thought about her at all, or worried about her being killed, it was JAMIE who left to save her), it's not like i didnt suspect that Holgar and Skye would end up together, because i did, but it still came out of the blue, again with no real build up. So i couldn't make myself care about their relationship either. I think by the end of it the only characters i liked were Heather, because she had that i dont give a feck attitude and Esther, Jenn's grandmother, because she told Antonio to stop whinning and get on with it, something i'd been dying to tell him myself. Noah was confusing because on one hand he did what needed be done and i was slightly sad when he died, but i never felt that connected to him. I never even felt that connected to Jenn, all she seemed to do was angst about everything, which started to drive me crazy after a while, i know thats unfair because she went thorugh a lot but i couldn't feel much sympathy because i didn't feel connected her and her problems. I really wanted to but i just didn't.

I was still very much invested in the war itself though, i wanted them to win, to destroy the EVIL vampires. So in that respect i was quite pleased with what happened. Even if i kind of expected more, maybe thats just because of all the build up.

The description for this book is very misleading in one regard. In book two we kind of see the beginning of a love triangle between Noah,Jenn and Antonio, but that never really goes anywhere, and i wondered why the author even added it if they weren't going to take it anywhere. The description makes it sound like Jenn might start to fall for Noah but i saw no evidence of this. All she did was worry about Antonio, and then worry about if she should worry about Antonio, or if she could TRUST Antonio, and stress about how much she hates her father, and about if Antonio is a monster, and about how horible a leader she was, oh yeah and more angst about Antonio blah blah blah.
At times i wondered if she even loved him at all. They didn't even really show eachother any affection, it was annoying to say the least.

But im not saying the book was bad i liked certain parts. I was moderatly suprised that the ever so mysterious Father Juan was saint John of the cross, i had started to think he was frigging Jesus or something, but then he had Noah kill him to make the Elixur, and in the Epilogue he came back again. I liked Skye convicing the witches to join the war and fight, also i started to warm up to Jamie a bit too.

In the end two couples got married and someone else became a priest, also two vampires are turned back into humans by a dead Father Juan right before the toxic vamp killing gas is let loose into the air. All in all it wasn't a bad end to the series, and im glad i read it. xxx

Have finished, review to come peoples! ;)


Jen stop whining and kill some vamps

Antonio stop whining and kiss Jenn

Jamie stop being a ignorant twit

Skye good on you for defying the witchy folk

Noah dont you be killing Antonio or Jenn will fuck you up

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