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Kissin' Tell by Lorelei James
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it was amazing
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Yes I swore. In bold and Italic SHOUTY CAPITALS. I will do it a lot more in this so read no further if you don’t like it.

I mean come on I just read the goddess/fucking genius/ amazeballsness that is Lorelei James latest book.
I have been waiting to get my LJ's Rough Riders fix for what feels like FOREVER!
So when I woke up and turned on “Chase” (my kindle) and saw that it was finally there it was the BEST.DAY.EVER.! I abruptly took myself to the beach and parked my ass to get my read on!

It was sooooo good to be back with all things McKay. God I love this family! DAYYMMNNNN they have some great genes! And exceptional skills in and out of the bedroom!

I loved the special guest appearances. My favourite from this series as everyone knows is Chase (You could prob tell by the name of my kindle!). So the fact that he “popped in” just made my day and I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face!

“Omigod! Is this really Chase Mckay? World champion bullrider? Callin me? I’m so Honoured!”
“Yes it is, and why don’t you just go ahead and pucker up to kiss my famous butt for that smart ass comment.”

But it wasn’t just Chase that appeared, Keely, AJ, Indy, Colt, Cord, Kyler, Domini, Chassie, Trevor, Edgard, Casper, Jessie, Brandt, Dalton, Kane, Kade, Colby, Quinn, Ben.. Yeah you get my point!

So by book 13 we pretty much know how it goes down. They get together, hook up, have amazing sex EVERYWHERE and make me have a million showers and sport "lady wood" like a teenager. Realise they are in love, then fight, then get back together and have a HEA. (and by the next book have 7 million kids! LOL)
Ok so not exactly, but I’m not far off right? But I am NOT bagging it. I love these books!

The in between story was sooo good throughout all this though.
The prologue starts with Tell in high school and totally and hopelessly in love with Georgia “Hotlips” Hotchkiss. She is the cheerleader with the Jock boyfriend. Tell is not the suave, funny, hot cowboy he is today. He is a typical teenager in love with something he can’t have.
Then jumps to the now. Tell has got it going on! He is keeping the wild McKay men spirit alive.

Tell slowly turned around on his barstool to see a red headed woman glaring down at him. Aw, hell. Not again. He remembered he’d done a little mattress dancing with this cutie last year, but he couldn’t recall her name. “Hey, pretty lady.”
She rolled her eyes. “Does that work for you? The “hey pretty lady” when you can’t remember a woman’s name after you slept with her?”
Tell grinned. “Yep”
The woman opened her mouth, no doubt about to read him his riot act, but he jumped in to head her off.
“Now , don’t go getting all indigent, darling’. We both had a great time-that part I can remember. I told you up front that’s all it’d be.”
She cocked her head and smiled. “I’m Jamie.”

See what I mean?
Definitely a McKay!
Definitely has a silver tongue.
Definitely suave as shit.
Definitely all man.
Georgia is forced to come home for work reasons. She is doing PR on the rodeo’s.
She also realises that it coincides with her 10 year reunion. She doesn’t want to see her ex-husband. Or anyone else for that fact. Her best friend Stephanie convinces her that she should go, and she should go with Tell. As her Ex and Tell hate each other.
Georgia decides that she should and finally gets some balls and asks him. His response?!
(ok I’ve condensed it but you get my point)
“You are right, I did come to the bar tonight looking for you to ask if you’re going to the class reunion in 2 weeks, and do you have a date?”
Why did his heart rate speed up. “Not yet. Why?”
She blurted, “Will you be my date?”
After the shock wore off, Tell leaned forward. “For real Georgia?”
“For real. I hadn’t planned on going to the reunion. What a fun way to spend an evening, dealing with the stares, rude comments and whispers about why Deck and I divorced. Or hearing about a tragedy it was that RJ got killed drink driving.”
“So what changed your mind?”
“Because you know how to have fun. And if I went with you, I might have a chance at having fun.”
“Your change of heart about revisiting glory days isn’t because Deck hates my guts and it’d be hard poke at him to show up with me on your arm?”
“Okay. Maybe that’s part of it. And you have to admit it would be great bit of drama if we showed together.”
“You want me as your date for the reunion. You’ll also be sharing my bed.” Tell said matter of factly.
“Why are you so shocked?” You expected I’d be happy just holdin’ your hand and smelling your hair? Nothing comes for free. We’ll be lovers. Not friends. There’s your deal. Take it or leave it.”
“No room for negiation?”
He finished his beer and slid out of the booth. “Let me know when you decide, but I wouldn’t take too long to make up my mind, sweetness, because you aren’t the only woman who’s asked me to be their reunion date.”
Tell walked away.
Tell drained his beer and set the bottle aside, meeting her halfway. “You came back?”
“There’s something….compelling about you, Tell. There always has been. I couldn’t stay away.”
He bit back a growl. “You know what that means?”
“Yes, I do.”
“Say it Georgia. Out loud”
“You’ll be in my bed or I’ll be in yours. Either way we’ll be lovers.”

AND LET THE FUN BEGIN!! and OH is there FUN to be had!
While there is fun there are a few issues that have run from the other books. How the boys are doing with the land now that the older generations have stepped back. Brandt, Tell and Dalton’s parents separation. Casper’s new found faith. Georgia’s past.
So long review short. This book is awesome. LJ is a genius and you won’t look at rocky road, butterscotch, cookie dough, chocolate or caramel swirl ice cream again without smirking….
But I GUARANTEE you won’t be able to look at one of these without a devilish grin and a twinkle in your eye EVER AGAIN!!!

Happy Reading!!
I can't wait for Gavin's book now that he has moved "home" and to find out how Georgia and Tell are going!
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Erin Muses This book is completely working for me! I hope the other 18% stays consistent.

Kellie Maddox-Ward I'm literally writing my review as we speak. I loved it!

Wendy Nice one Kellie! It reminds me of another series I need to start. :)

Kellie Maddox-Ward Thanks Kellie!
I had such a great time reading this one. Tell was a surprise. Wasn't sure about him.
Oh and I forgot to mention but I literally Lol'd when Dalton told Tell not to just pop by unannounced at Ainsley's and Ben HAHAHAHA

Kellie Maddox-Ward Thanks Wendy!... You haven't read these?!

AliciaJ Great review Kellie! I loved it too. It was so great to see the more intense and complicated side of Tell. Now I'm gonna go back and re-read the others again!

Wendy Kellie wrote: "Thanks Wendy!... You haven't read these?!"

No, I haven't yet. But they're all loaded, ready to go on my Kindle. :)

Kellie Maddox-Ward Oh thank god! I nearly had a heart attack! Colby's book is very full on but still great! Hope you love them.
I would love to go and read them all when I eventually have more time.

@ Alicia. Thanks Girl! Totally agree. and glad he finally said No to his Mom

message 9: by Keren (new) - added it

Keren Good job on the review Kellie! You made me want to go and read it, like now!

Kellie Maddox-Ward haha thanks Keren *smirking like an idiot* I'm guessing you have read the others?

message 11: by Anne OK (new)

Anne OK Great review, Kellie! You've convinced me to download this one real soon!

message 12: by Keren (last edited Jun 27, 2012 04:48PM) (new) - added it

Keren Love this series! It's sexy and funny, what's not to like??
It also really makes me want to ride!

Kellie Maddox-Ward ha ha ha EXACTLY!

Karla What an amazing review!! You are the *shit* my friend. I can't wait to read this and see what happens on that trampoline!!!

message 15: by KatLynne (new)

KatLynne Wonderful review Kellie! You make me want to get back to this series and find out what's up with that trampoline!:)

Kellie Maddox-Ward naawww thanks so much ladies! ^_^

Tina "IRead2Escape" I love the review! I also agree with you, the book was awesome!

Nicole Downloading it now and I can't freaking wait!! I can never get enough of these!!

Kellie Maddox-Ward Oh Nıcole you wıll love ıt! Cant waıt to see updates!

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